GuruShots: winning photographs from the At the Beach contest

GuruShots: winning photographs from the At the Beach contest
(Image credit: John Randazzo – United States)

GuruShots is an online platform that gives photographers the opportunity to showcase their work to a global audience in a uniquely fun way. Known as the 'world's greatest photo game', you can compete in regular challenges against millions of other photographers to see how your work compares.

With instant feedback from over three billion monthly votes, photographers can work their way up from being a Newbie to the impressive ranking of Guru. This means that every shot truly counts!

The GuruShots challenges are voted on by the platform's Gurus and the wider community. With a fresh challenge everyday, there's plenty of opportunity to win prizes from GuruShots' sponsors, including Adorama, Kodak, Lowepro and Lensbaby.

The 'At the Beach' contest challenged GuruShots' users to grab their camera, head out to the shoreline and encapsulate everything that they love (or hate!) about being at the beach with a single photo.

The results were truly impressive, drawing in some incredible images from across the world. From Israel to India, this latest GuruShots contest featured sun-soaked vistas, striking portraits, aerial vistas and more.

The 20 highest ranking photographs were published in Digital Photographer, and we send our congratulations to the winners. We're pleased to showcase the top 20 shots below, with the rest of the top 500 featured photographs in the gallery that follows. 

Top photographer

Top photographer (Image credit: Wild Rabbit – Portugal)

Top photo

Top photo (Image credit: Marko Kolonjak – Germany)

Guru's Top Pick

Guru's Top Pick (Image credit: Javier Duran – Spain)


#4 (Image credit: John Randazzo – United States)


#5 (Image credit: Michał Seta – Poland)


#6 (Image credit: Christopher Leth – Denmark)


#7 (Image credit: Fourthcreek – United States)


#8 (Image credit: Daniel Adamski – Poland)


#9 (Image credit: Cinder Ella – Canada)


#10 (Image credit: Pramod Kumar Das – India)


#11 (Image credit: – Great Britain (UK))


#12 (Image credit: Ilana Sterk – Israel)


#13 (Image credit: Gil Shmueli – Israel)


#14 (Image credit: Rafael Barata – Switzerland)


#15 (Image credit: Peter Spacek – Slovakia)


#16 (Image credit: Julio Borhidan – Portugal)


#17 (Image credit: Nidhi Rathi Saraogi – India)


#18 (Image credit: Kostas Zannaras – Greece)


#19 (Image credit: Dewan Karim – Canada)


#20 (Image credit: Julien Serrare – Mexico)

Here are the remaining images from the top 500 entries in GuruShots' 'At the Beach' contest. Simply click on the arrows to scroll through the full gallery of photographs. 

To find out more, and to sign up and take part in the next challenge, visit

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