GuruShots: winning photographs from the Dusk Till Dawn contest

(Image credit: Xan White - Switzerland)

Billed as the world's greatest photo game, GuruShots is an online platform that provides a fun, structured way to showcase your images while gaining global exposure for your work. 

By competing in epic challenges against millions of photographers, you can get instant feedback from over three billion monthly votes and increase your ranking from Newbie to achieve the ultimate status (and bragging rights) of Guru. 

GuruShots' challenges are voted on by the platform's Gurus and the wider community, and there’s a fresh challenge every day. Winners can receive prizes from GuruShots' sponsors such as Adorama, Kodak, Lowepro and Lensbaby. 

The 'Dusk Till Dawn' contest challenged the GuruShots community to grab their cameras, and showcase their ability to capture the light of the evening sunset and the morning sunrise.

There were some truly stunning images received from across the world, from the Philippines to Finland, and saw stunning seascapes, magical macros and even a fantastic farmyard! 

The 20 highest ranked images were published in  N-Photo: The Nikon Magazine, and we send our congratulations to the winners. We're pleased to showcase the top 100 images below, with the rest of the top 500 featured photographs in the gallery that follows.

Top Photographer (Image credit: Jón Þórðarson - Iceland)

Top Photo (Image credit: Nu Yu - United States)

Guru's Top Pick (Image credit: Heber Iamamoto - Brazil)

#4 (Image credit: Tom Kirk - United States)

#5 (Image credit: Péter Gulyás - Hungary)

#6 (Image credit: Therésa Burgess - United States)

#7 (Image credit: Ricky Pulido - Philippines)

#8 (Image credit: Jürgen Eid - Germany)

#9 (Image credit: Dave Howard - United States)

#10 (Image credit: Christina Salonius - Finland)

#11 (Image credit: sherri.dolk - Canada)

#12 (Image credit: Matej Kotula - Slovak Republic)

#13 (Image credit: Vera Faith Photography - United States)

#14 (Image credit: Fred Matos - Brazil)

#15 (Image credit: Veronica Saragosa - United States)

#16 (Image credit: Dan Brown - United States)

#17 (Image credit: Leon Dsilva - Canada)

#18 (Image credit: Andy Fowlie - Germany)

#19 (Image credit: Gil Shmueli - Israel)

#20 (Image credit: Terry Naegele - United States)

#21 (Image credit: PremStarZ - Singapore)

#22 (Image credit: Matt Specht - United States)

#23 (Image credit: Larry Kuderick - United States)

#24 (Image credit: Saurav Dutta - India)

#25 (Image credit: Vikranth Thupili - Finland)

#26 (Image credit: Guy Wilson - Israel)

#27 (Image credit: Frank Morgan - United States)

#28 (Image credit: Juha Hautakorpi - Finland)

#29 (Image credit: Robert Linn - United States)

#30 (Image credit: Arye Berger - Israel)

#31 (Image credit: Frederick Wong - Hong Kong)

#32 (Image credit: - United States)

#33 (Image credit: Montana Mottly Photos - United States)

#34 (Image credit: jolandavandijk - Netherlands)

#35 (Image credit: Dianne Saphiere - Mexico)

#36 (Image credit: larissagomelsky - United States)

#37 (Image credit: Andrejs Travkins - Latvia)

#38 (Image credit: Michele Jones - United States)

#39 (Image credit: Anders Larson - United States)

#040 (Image credit: jaime_gervais - United States)

#41 (Image credit: Christopher Forden - Australia)

#42 (Image credit: miken - Australia)

#43 (Image credit: Maria Fremming - Denmark)

#44 (Image credit: Kai-Lung Chen - Taiwan)

#45 (Image credit: Yannick Metzlaff - Germany)

#46 (Image credit: Michael Friedberg - New Zealand)

#47 (Image credit: Rafał Dziorek - Poland)

#48 (Image credit: Rolandas Dedinas - Lithuania)

#49 (Image credit: Andres Silanes - Mexico)

#50 (Image credit: Marketa Zvelebil - France)

#51 (Image credit: Vesa Pajala - Finland)

#52 (Image credit: Alexander Arnberger - Austria)

#53 (Image credit: Damien Thomas - Belgium)

#54 (Image credit: Lisa Schatzinger Maldinger)

#55 (Image credit: Lukasz Szubartowicz - Poland)

#56 (Image credit: bryonyvet1 - United Kingdom)

#57 (Image credit: gfiver - Israel)

(Image credit: Kostiantyn Kostin - Denmark)

#59 (Image credit: Elżbieta Rogaczewska - Poland)

#60 (Image credit: Veselin Trendafilov - Bulgaria)

#61 (Image credit: Riccardo Crevatin - Italy)

#62 (Image credit: Christopher Leth - Denmark)

#63 (Image credit: Marcos Silva - Brazil)

#64 (Image credit: Radek Holy - Czechia)

#65 (Image credit: Darren McMillan - Australia)

#66 (Image credit: Charles Watts - United States)

#67 (Image credit: Jay Fijen - Netherlands)

#68 (Image credit: Andrey Simonov - Russia)

#69 (Image credit: Robbie Veldwijk - Netherlands)

#70 (Image credit: Tanya Klimenko - Israel)

#71 (Image credit: Bernd Schmirmund - Germany)

#72 (Image credit: 1971engelja - United States)

#73 (Image credit: MattNixon SearcherPhotography - United States)

#74 (Image credit: Oliver Schmid-Selig - Germany)

#75 (Image credit: Shannon Ortegon - United States)

#76 (Image credit: Julien Serarre - Mexico)

#77 (Image credit: Betinna Thygesen - Denmark)

#78 (Image credit: Christopher Weyer - United States)

#79 (Image credit: Dusan Jovanovic - Serbia)

#80 (Image credit: Brouria Carni Hadass - Israel)

#81 (Image credit: sandra youthed - New Zealand)

#82 (Image credit: - United States)

#83 (Image credit: Chris Cagney - Venezuela)

#84 (Image credit: Bruno Moreira Ɍato - Portugal)

#85 (Image credit: Nguyet Pham - Australia)

#86 (Image credit: Bruno Tartaglione - Italy)

#87 (Image credit: Rich Levy - United States)

#88 (Image credit: Phil Barrs - Canada)

#89 (Image credit: Geminidream23 - United States)

#90 (Image credit: Xan White - Switzerland)

#91 (Image credit: Nidhi Rathi Saraogi - India)

#92 (Image credit: Pamela_Dvorak - United States)

#93 (Image credit: Dmitry Pasikhov - United States)

#94 (Image credit: Birthe - Norway)

#95 (Image credit: ivanarh81 - Serbia)

#96 (Image credit: Claudio Serangeli - Italy)

#97 (Image credit: Nora Skerlecz-Antal - Hungary)

#98 (Image credit: Andre Gasiorowski - Israel)

#99 (Image credit: Marinov Photoart - Bulgaria)

#100 (Image credit: Pauulet Hohn - Canada)

#101 (Image credit: Judit Mikol - Australia)

Here are the remaining images from the top 500 entries in GuruShots' 'Dusk Till Dawn' contest. Simply click on the arrows to scroll through the full gallery of photographs. 

To find out more, and to sign up and take part in the next challenge, visit

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