Is professional photography still worth it?

Kav Dadfar image from workshop
(Image credit: Kav Dadfar)

There was a time when being a professional photographer meant that you were just that, a photographer. But is that still the case today and does this profession still exist? If it doesn’t, does that mean that anyone who takes photos can call themselves a professional photographer?

The whole photography industry has changed more in the last 20 years than arguably in the previous 100. First, there was the digital revolution when those of us who learned the art of photography using film were suddenly archaic. It was a case of adapting or getting left behind. The next big change was smartphones, which meant every person in the world with one could take photos.

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Kav Dadfar
Professional photographer

UK-based travel and landscape pro Kav shoots on assignment for editorial and commercial clients, and stock for high-end agencies. He has written over 400 articles on photography, judges a major travel photo contest and leads tours and workshops worldwide with the company That Wild Idea. In 2021 Kav launched JRNY travel magazine with fellow photographer Jordan Banks.