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Watch the Fujifilm X-Summit 2024 live with us - X100VI announced

Fujifilm's first X-Summit of 2024 live from Tokyo - see the successor to the X100V get announced

Fujifilm X-Summit Tokyo 2024
(Image: © Fujifilm)

Fujifilm's first X-Summit of 2024 took place in Tokyo last night, February 20, at 2.30pm Japanese time - and we were there to seem the announcement of the successor to the hugely-popular Fujifilm X100V compact camera.

See our full news story on the launch of this compact camera with its 40 megapixel sensor - and read our hands-on Fujifilm X100VI review.

from the streets ot Tokyo (Image credit: Gareth Bevan / Digital Camera World)
Why you can trust our Fujifilm coverage
Chris George with Fujifilm GFX100
Why you can trust our Fujifilm coverage
Chris George

Chris has been writing about digital cameras since they first went on sale. He has reported on Fujifilm X-mount and GF-mount cameras since the systems were first launched, and has had the honor of attending three X-Summits in person – in London, Tokyo and New York.


So what do we think we have in store at the Tokyo 2024 X-Summit? Fujifilm has already been teasing with us with what it has in store, with a series of social media posts…

And now the latest teaser video, posted on Instagram over the weekend, shows us more glimpses of what looks like a retro-styled compact-shaped camera…

The Fujifilm X-Summit has already become something of a fixture in the camera calendar - but this industry event only started back in 2019, so in the history of photography is still relatively new. 

With seven hours to go, we have no more teasers from Fujifilm. But other than the silhouetted camera, what else might we see?

I'm hoping we get first look and full details of the promised GF 500mm f/5.6 telephoto lens for the GFX medium format system. That's a lens I am really looking forward to trying out...

The Fujifilm X100V goes on sale next week - and you can pre-order it now at one of these dealers:

Here's a quick recap of everything we learned from the X-Summit Tokyo 2024:

• The star of the show was the introduction of the Fujifilm X100VI (or X100 Six, as it is pronounced). The key improvement here is the use of Fujfilm's 40-megapixel sensor. See our hands-on review

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