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Apple Event: two new super-powered M2 MacBooks announced live at WWDC

Apple Developer event will reveal all the latest news on Mac, iPhone, iPad software and hardware

Apple WWDC 2022
(Image: © Apple)

Apple's annual WWDC (Worldwide Developers' Conference) will be kicking off today (06 June) at 10am PDT/ 1pm EDT / 6pm BST (or 1am ACT tomorrow 08 June in Australia). While we're not expecting to see many hardware announcements, it does look like we'll be getting an official look at a wide variety of software updates, including iOS 16, watchOS 9, macOS 13, iPadOS 16 and tvOS 16. 

Apple has already had one big launch event this year. In March, in just the single press conference the Californian tech giant launched Mac Studio, Studio Display, the latest iPhone SE, and a new iPad Air.


So what are we hoping to see later on at WWDC22? One of the segments of the presentation that we will paying close attention to will be the one on iOS 16 - the next generation of operating software for next iPhone generation. We suspect that here we will find out how much truth there is in the iPhone 14 rumor that iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max will have an always on LCD display. 

If it is hardware you are really interested in seeing, then the hottest tip on the rumor mill is for a new generation of the MacBook Air. The MacBook Air 2022 will build on the M1 MacBook Air that was launched in November 2020 - and will almost certainly use the faster chipsets that Apple is now using in its latest Mac products.

Another bit of tech that we know Apple is working on is its own VR headset. We won't see the Apple iGoggles (or whatever they call them) today. But with virtual reality and the metaverse becoming more of an everyday reality - then developers will be keen to get hold of whatever tools that Apple will make available to them to help make the next generation of VR games and applications. The headset itself is said to scheduled for launch in 2023 - but we love this render dreamt up by visual artist Ian Zelbo

The next iPad operating system is likely to offer changes that will make Apple's iPad function more like a desktop computer - which will help the iPad defend itself better as an alternative to the increasingly popular Windows 2-in-1 laptops. As part of its multitasking features, there is a rumor that apps will have resizable windows - just like you have with Mac OS on a MacBook.

Apple CEO is up and about and already excited about his presentation later... he has just Tweeted this…

This colorful bingo card, courtesy of Basic Apple Guy, is a fun way to remind yourselves of some of the rumored announcements for WWDC22 keynote. We'd forgotten that Apple Classical - Apple Music more orchestral brother - is very likely to be one of the new services to be announced later on.

Less than hour to go until the Apple WWDC keynote for 2022…

With the cost of living crisis starting to bite around the globe - will we hear about the much rumored Buy Now, Pay Later scheme for iPhones and Macbooks? This will let you get the latest tech without having to stump up the full cost up front? We suspect is Apple does roll out a leasing service, it will prove really popular amongst working photographers and content creators.

There are currently 114,902 for Apple's YouTube stream to start…

175,756 now waiting - and the countdown music has just started. Get set everyone…

And we're off!

Tim Cook says there are 34 million Apple developers... that's some number!

iOS 16 is the first up... and the All New Lock screen.

So you can alter fonts, and scale the background photo to suit. And add widgets on top, such as the weather. And you can have a stack of different ones to suit your mood, or the time of day

Notification will now roll in, so they don't fill up your screen if you get lots of messages or push notifications.

Focus will now be able to change your Lock Screen - so a different look and background picture for work and play.

Messages are getting three highly-requested features:
- Now you can edit a message after it is sent
- You can unsend a message
- And there is now a way to mark a message so you know you have to go back to it later

Facetime will allow you to access SharePlay from within FaceTime - but also from messages. So you can send an invitation to watch a movie together, say

Dictation will now keep the keyboard open - so you can combine voice and typewriter to create your missives.

Live Text comes to video - "great for copying code samples", we are told

We'll need to see that again - you can cutout something from a photo, and then add it to a message - just by pressing on the element in the photo. That's AI magic

Tap to Pay with iPhone will start this month. We wrote about this before - so get the skinny here

Apple Pay will also start offering a pay later option - and a new order tracking service

Ben Wood, Chief Analyst, at CCS Insight - has just shared some views on the latest announcements:

648,512 of us watching this on YouTube now

A better way to share photos?
Yes, using iCloud Shared Library - that allows up to five people to share and collaborate on an album.

You can share image direct from the iPhone camera - so great for a group holiday, or a wedding, where everyone is taking shots of the same event.

So now Apple's latest take on the Smart Home - and a new cross-platform communication standard called Matter. Apple's own HomeKit is one of the standards supported. 

43 minutes in - and the iOS section is over. Now it is time for Watch OS - and four new watch faces is the first feature we are being told about.

Next up Mac OS

Next generation of Apple Silicon - and a big hello to M2

20 billion transistors - 25% more than M1
And up to 24GB of unified memory!

18% greater performance than M1, whilst using a quarter of the power

Up to 10 cores - two more than M1

15.8 trillion operations per second - 40% increase on M1


(Image credit: APPLE)

Macbook Air will be the first with the M2 chip - so at least that part of the rumor mill was right! And we have our first new piece of hardware of the keynote :)

11.3mm thick and four colors - but not a pastel shade in sight

New 13.6 in display

38% faster with Premiere Pro - 20% faster with Photoshop (over M1)

New fast charger option - 50% power in 30 minuteS

M2 also coming to Macbook Pro - we didn't see that one coming!

Upto 24GB of unified memory - so 3x faster for ProRes processing

New MacBook Air M2 will cost $1199

$1299 for MacBook Pro M2

So new MacBook Air is $200 on the existing M1 Air

Apple is aiming to eliminate passwords for good - with the launch of Passkeys. And the aim is to make this cross-platform

Ben Wood, Chief Analyst, at CCS Insight has been back in touch again with his take on the latest announcements:

This is very cool - you will be able to use your iPhone as a webcam for your MacBook. A neat accessory lets you clip the phone to the phone

Deskview will let you show your desktop and your face with just the one camera!

The holders are being produced by Belkin for APPLE

And now (and perhaps finally?) it is time for iPad OS

Collaboration is the main message, and we are now being given a sneak peek of a new brainstorming tool called Freeform. It will come to iPad, iPhone and Mac later this year... looks like mood boards on the move.

Reference Mode promises a color-calbrated workflow for iPad Pro - we look forward to hearing more about that

Stage Manager promises multi-tasking on iPad to a new level, we are told.

Allows up to eight apps running on screen simultaneously - if you are using an external display

WWDC 2022

(Image credit: Apple)

Back to Tim for a summation - and promises that all the new OS's will be launched this fall, with Betas available imminently for developers.

And that's a wrap!

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