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The best camera straps in 2022: the best straps for your DSLR or mirrorless camera

Included in this guide:

Peak Design Slide Lite
(Image credit: Peak Design)

The best camera straps are so much better than the ones that come free with your camera. While you might be wondering why it's worth spending money on a strap when you likely already have something serviceable, the truth is that a better camera strap is well worth the money you'll spend on it.

Think about your poor neck and shoulders. When you're carrying a camera around, particularly over long distances, having a padded strap that's comfortable to wear is really important to ensure you aren't straining or irritating yourself.

Also, many camera straps from the likes of Op/Tech or Peak Design are cleverly designed to switch between modes, so they can sometimes be used as a neck strap, a shoulder strap or a sling-style strap. This level of customisation is just not something you get from the bland, branded strap that came in the box with your camera.

It's best to choose a strap for you. Do a little research and you an find something stylish that suits your look, or something functional that suits your shooting needs, or something that's a little bit of both. And luckily, we're here to help you with the "research" part of that sentence, with our guide to the best camera straps on the market right now.

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Whether you choose something slick and stylish, strong and sturdy, or just a well-rounded crowd pleaser, we've got something for everyone! We've included straps of all different types, including some dual-camera harnesses, so all camera users should be able to find something that suits them!

Best camera straps in 2022

(Image credit: Woolnut)

1. Woolnut Camera Strap

This premium leather and wool strap oozes luxury

Material: Vegetable tanned full-grain leather/ 100% natural wool felt
Strap length: 47.24 to 53.15in / 120 to 135 cm
Weight: 3.5 oz / 100 g
Reasons to buy
+Comfortable to use+Fantastic quality+Available in black or walnut brown
Reasons to avoid
-A little on the expensive side

If you're looking for a camera strap that's going to last you a lifetime, then look no further. This camera strap from Scandinavia-based company Woolnut is beautifully designed and manufactured. The outside of the strap is made of a special signature tanned full-grain leather that comes in either brown or black, while parts of the inside are lined with a wool felt. 

You can adjust the length for use as either a shoulder or neck strap. The neck part has soft padding for comfort, while the ends have added metal rings for compatibility with most cameras. 

This is a super comfortable camera strap to use and the quality of the materials and manufacturing is clear to see and feel. While the strap comes at a premium price, we feel it's worth every penny.  

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(Image credit: Cooph)

2. Leica Rope Camera Strap by Cooph

Does the premium quality cushion the price?

Weight: 150g or 181g
Maximum length: 100cm or 126cm
Material: Leather/rope
Reasons to buy
+Novel rope design+Leica branding+Good choice of colors
Reasons to avoid
-Luxury pricing

Fancy owning a Leica, but don't have the funds? Then this beautiful-looking strap could be exactly what you have been looking for - giving you the perfect piece of luxury without the price of the best Leica cameras. These straps are actually designed by hip photo community Cooph, and the thick rope coupled with leather detailing create a distinctive way of accessorizing the camera you do own. You get a choice of two different lengths - and nine different colors. For our money, the red version is the most distinctive - and matches the logo on the front of your Leica! 

(Image credit: Peak Design)

3. Peak Design Slide Lite

A super-slim strap that's great for mirrorless systems

Weight: 104g
Maximum length: 145cm
Material: Seatbelt-style nylon webbing
Reasons to buy
+Reassuringly strong build quality+Very easy to adjust
Reasons to avoid
-A little bulky when packed down

A sling, shoulder and neck strap in one, the Slide exudes quality with a seatbelt-style strap and premium fittings, which include clever quick-release buttons to detach the strap. This is the Lite version of the Slide, and is designed for mirrorless and small-DSLR setups first and foremost. It is available in four colors: ash gray, black, sage green, and midnight blue.

The unique Peak Design Anchor Link connection system makes it easy to quickly reconfigure the strap between sling, shoulder and neck. The two-point connection system is also extremely strong, with the anchors rated to take up to 90kg of kit.

Like other Slide straps, it is all still a little bulky when packed down. But otherwise this is a highly versatile and functional strap, with a little style thrown in as well.

Best camera straps: Gitzo Century Leather Neck Strap

(Image credit: Gitzo)

4. Gitzo Century Leather Neck Strap

A truly premium camera strap – and not for vegans!

Weight: 79g
Maximum length: 132cm
Material: Leather
Reasons to buy
+Premium craftsmanship+Anti-scratch materials
Reasons to avoid
-Leather not for everyone-Pretty pricey

The Gitzo Century Leather Neck Strap is made from real Italian leather, so needless to say, not everyone is going to be comfortable using it! If real leather doesn't bother you, then you'll enjoy a premium, well-made strap with a comfortable design that's also resistant to scratches. It's well suited to carrying a decent amount of mirrorless kit, and the G-Lock buckle closing system is compatible with other Gitzo Century straps. 

It's on the pricier end for camera straps, but if you're someone who enjoys the finer things... well, here's one of them. 

(Image credit: Capturing Couture)

5. Capturing Couture 2" Camera Strap

If you want vintage style, then this strap is the way to go

Strap Length: 59" / 149.86cm
Strap Width: 2" / 5.08cm
Material: Neoprene, Nylon, Polyester
Reasons to buy
+Retro design+Comfortable padding
Reasons to avoid
-Not much padding-Hard to get outside US

With a vintage design ripped straight from 70s fashion, this retro-inspired camera strap from Capturing Couture is perfect for the fashion-forward photographer. The outside of the strap is made from decorative polyester ribbon (the image above is in Melody, but you can choose from a variety of designs). Meanwhile, the inside has neoprene padding covered with polyester velvet to help provide ultimate comfort for your neck. 

With a maximum strap length of 59", you can even wear this strap across your body messenger-style for ultimate versatility. It's a little hard to get outside of the US though, so international readers may want to consider a different option.

6. BlackRapid Binocular Breathe Strap

This BlackRapid offering isn't just for binoculars

Weight: 38g
Maximum length: 95cm (approx)
Material: Synthetic rubber / Nylon
Reasons to buy
+Breathable, stretchy neck pad+Incredibly light
Reasons to avoid
-A bit pricey

While it’s billed as a strap for binoculars, this neck strap will attach to a camera equally easily. Its unique feature is a breathable, stretchy and very flexible neck pad. It also folds small and can be detached quickly. Its price might be a little high for some, but you do get an impressive amount of engineering for your money here. Plus, black never goes out of fashion. 

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7. OpTech Pro Loop Strap

Grab a strap at a reasonable price

Weight: 82g
Maximum length: 109cm
Material: Nylon / Neoprene
Reasons to buy
+Wide neck pad+Affordable
Reasons to avoid
-Square-cut edges tend to rub

This well priced strap features a 6cm-wide neoprene neck pad that really spreads a load, although its square-cut edges can rub. Two clips will detach the pad, leaving the connected ends able to join and form a hand strap, albeit one that’s on the long side. With this level of versatility, Op-Tech straps are very popular with outdoor photographers, and this version is no exception.

8. Think Tank Camera Strap v2.0

This camera strap is thin, grippy and compact

Weight: 60g
Maximum length: 147cm
Material: Polyester / Silicone
Reasons to buy
+Non-slip coating on both sides+Extremely compact
Reasons to avoid
-Narrow strap can cut in

This is the most compact strap on our list, but this is unfortunately due to a design that's left the strap about as wide and comfortable as a standard neck strap. However, the Think Tank Camera Strap v2.0 does have a grippy coating on both sides that enables this to double as a shoulder strap. Meanwhile, extra hardware can usefully connect it to your backpack straps. It works especially well as part of a broader Think Tank system, so it's worth considering if you already have one of their camera bags.

(Image credit: BlackRapid)

9. BlackRapid Sport Breathe Camera Strap

Prevent neck pain with this side camera strap

Strap length: 36 to 65.7" / 91.4 to 166.9cm
Strap Width: 4" / 102cm
Tripod connector: 1/4"-20 Male
Material: Nylon
Reasons to buy
+Spreads load across shoulders+Lefty version available
Reasons to avoid
-Quite expensive

Designed to be worn across the body, the BlackRapid Sport Breathe Camera Strap drapes from the left shoulder to the right hip (there is also a version for left-handed photographers as well). This means that you can rest your camera upside-down at your hip, but it's within easy reach once you need to start shooting.

Perfect for sports or adventure photographers who want to move quickly without fussing about a camera hanging around their neck, side camera straps are a great neck camera strap alternative. 

best camera strap

(Image credit: Artisan & Artist)

10. Artisan & Artist Silk Camera Strap

Shoot like a samurai with this traditional Japanese strap

Weight: 40g
Maximum length: 120cm or 98cm
Material: Silk/leather
Reasons to buy
+Traditionally crafted Japanese design+Made from silk braid and leather +Good choice of colors
Reasons to avoid
-Extravagent pricetag

Made from silk, camera straps really don't get much luxurious than this. This corded design comes from Kyoto in Japan, and is crafted using the braiding technique known as kumihimo – which is used as a belt in Japanese ceremonial clothing. The silk threads are designed to make the strap especially comfortable around the neck, allowing you to carry your camera set-up for long durations. With leather flaps to protect the attachment rings scratching your camera, these straps are available in black, blue, silver, khaki or red.

(Image credit: Op/Tech)

11. Op/Tech Dual Harness - Regular

Spread the load with a dual camera harness

Material: Neoprene and webbing
Size: ChestL 34-44"/ 86-112cm
Attachment Method: 3/8" System Connectors
Load capacity: 15lb / 6.8kg
Reasons to buy
+Great for carrying two cameras+Evenly distributes weight
Reasons to avoid
-Connects via strap eyelet rather than a tripod plate

Perfect for wedding and events photographers, dual camera harnesses are great when you need to switch quickly between cameras without having to mess around with camera bags or pouches. 

The Op/Tech Dual Harness enables you to comfortably carry two cameras or binoculars totally hands-free. With a U-shaped neoprene neck pad, this harness is designed to evenly distribute the weight of your gear while reducing shock. There's an adjustable back section and sternum strap helps you fit the harness comfortably and evenly balance your kit. 

(Image credit: Coiro)

12. Coiro Dual Harness Strap

Combine comfort with style with this leather dual strap

Material: Leather
Reasons to buy
+Carries two cameras+Easy access to kit
Reasons to avoid
-A little expensive

This leather dual camera strap is designed to fit both you and your camera perfectly with adjustable straps. Made from leather, these straps attach to your cameras via both a tripod plate and the metal eyelets. This means you've got the ultimate security to ensure your cameras don't meet a sticky end on the pavement. 

Available in both a stylish brown and a classic black, this dual camera harness is perfect for wedding photographers who need both comfort and style for their camera strap.

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