8 flash photography mistakes every photographer makes

How we set up our off-camera flash

Automatic flash exposure systems make using flash easier than ever before, but there are some problems that crop-up on a regular basis. In the latest article in her series looking at some of the common mistakes photographers make, our head of testing Angela Nicholson explains some of the classic flash photography mistakes and offers some of her best flash photography tips for avoiding them.

Flash Photography Mistake 01: Not using flash

8 flash photography mistakes every photographer makes

One of the biggest mistakes that photographers make is to not use their flash.

In many cases this is because they don’t understand how to use it or are unaware of the benefits that flash photography can bring.

Flash is not something that should only be used when there’s not enough light to shoot without it, it’s also extremely useful in bright lighting conditions because it can fill-in deep shadows and help you balance the exposure of your subject with that of the background.

Flash photography can really bring portrait images to life.

PAGE 1 – Flash Photography Mistake 01: Not using flash
PAGE 2 – Flash Photography Mistake 02: Using flash with distant subjects
PAGE 3 – Flash Photography Mistake 03: Redeye
PAGE 4 – Flash Photography Mistake 04: Killing the atmosphere
PAGE 5 – Flash Photography Mistake 05: Lens hood shadow
PAGE 6 – Flash Photography Mistake 06: Harsh highlights
PAGE 7 – Flash Photography Mistake 07: Low-level flash
PAGE 8 – Flash Photography Mistake 08: Movement blurred in front of the subject


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