Raw vs JPEG: how many pictures can you actually take?

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    In our latest Raw Tuesday post we turn our attention to file sizes and how shooting raw vs JPEG can make a big difference in how many images you can store on a memory card.

    Memory cards get larger every year, but so do raw file sizes! And did you know that your DSLR doesn’t just offer one type of raw file?

    You can save raw files as 12-bit or 14-bit files in both compressed or ‘lossless’ compressed forms.

    As an example, in our latest photography cheat sheet we’ve provided figures for how many pictures you can store using our Nikon D7100 and an 8GB memory card.

    Simply click on our raw vs JPEG infographic to see the larger version, or drag and drop it to your desktop to download.

    Raw vs JPEG: how many shots can you take?


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