Best portable backdrop for photography: 5 top options for still life photographers

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    For eye-catching product shots you need good-quality photo backdrops and even lighting. We took a look at 5 top portable models to see which is the best backdrop for photography.

    Best portable backdrop for photography: 5 options for product and still life photographers

    What to look for in a portable backdrop

    Product and still-life photography may not be the most exciting of genres, but there’s a definite art to them, and having the right kit is just as important as with landscape or portrait photography.

    The two most important considerations are the backdrop against which you shoot items, and how you light them, and there’s a vast range of products available to help you get professional-looking results without having to spend a fortune.

    The first thing to think about is the backdrop. Do you want a plain background to focus attention on your subjects, or, in the case of product photography, because you want to cut them out at the editing stage to produce images for display on a website?

    Or do you want a background that’s interesting in its own right, and adds something to your images, but without detracting from the subject?

    When it comes to lighting, if you’re shooting larger objects you’ll need to put together a lighting setup.

    At a minimum you’ll need a flashgun, and for good-quality results, a few simple bits of kit such as a tripod, and a reflector for bouncing light onto subjects to fill in shadows.

    You need to be able to create soft, even lighting, without harsh highlights or ugly shadows.

    We took into the studio a selection of products ranging from portable light tables to collapsible backdrops, all ranging in price from £70 to £380, to find out what is the best portable backdrop for photography.

    PAGE 1 – What to look for in a portable backdrop
    PAGE 2 – Best Portable Backdrop for Photography: 01 Lastolite Urban Collapsible Background
    PAGE 3 – Best Portable Backdrop for Photography: 02 Kenro Small Still Life Table
    PAGE 4 – Best Portable Backdrop for Photography: 03 Interfit LED Studio Table
    PAGE 5 – Best Portable Backdrop for Photography: 04 Lastolite 4ft Fluorescent Cubelite Kit
    PAGE 6 – Best Portable Backdrop for Photography: 05 Kenro Photo Box in Folio Case


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