Lastolite ePhotomaker review: the light tent designed for eBay photos

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    The ePhotomaker light tent packs flat and is designed to diffuse simple light sources to create a perfect environment for eBay photos, product or still life photography. But can it deliver on its promises? Find out in our Lastolite ePhotomaker review.

    Lastolite ePhotomaker review: the light tent designed for eBay photos

    Designed for avid online auction sellers, the ePhotomaker provides an optimal environment to shoot eBay photos or other items for sale, but it’s also useful for macro and still-life photography.

    The tent works by diffusing the light from a desk lamp or spotlight through its translucent side panel.

    The opposite side has a reflective coating to help fill shadows, while a one-piece white base and backing cloth gives a seamless backdrop.

    Lastolite also includes a blue filter gel to help recreate daylight temperature light, plus a double-sided grey/white card for setting white balance and exposure.

    Even a mini tripod is thrown in to avoid camera shake. End results really look the part with well-softened shadows and a crisp white background that closely resembles professional e-commerce product shots.

    Much like a conventional light cube, the ePhotomaker packs flat for easy transportation, though the backdrop is prone to creasing. You can iron it smooth, but it’s a hassle.

    The ePhotomaker is available in two sizes and offers an effortlessly easy means of showing off your products and macro subjects at their best.

    Price: £95
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    Score: 4/5


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