Friday Photoshop fix

Centre of the Universe, by Dina Bova

Each week we’ll be featuring some of the best photography that has been cleverly edited in Photoshop to create mind-blowing images.


Adrian Lander, Australia, using Photoshop CS5

“This was a concept I had been meaning to shoot for some time. I shot everything clamped and gripped in the desired position, then each independent item was lit separatel. Shooting the elements together gives it a more realistic look. Along with CS5, I also used plug-ins including Alien Skin which is a great for generating filmiclooksandViveza2.” – Adrian Lander

Dancing – Patrizia Burra

“I am a painter and professional photographer, specialising in digital art. For Dancing, I took two shots and merged them together. For the initial portrait itself, I added a Curves Adjustment Layer and some texture layers with a Soft Light Blend Mode. Finally, I merged the layers and duplicated the Background Layer, reduced its saturation, and also changed the Blend Mode to Soft Light.”

Red Hot Chili Pepper

Dick Boot, The Netherlands, using Photoshop CS5.5

“I see myself as a photography-based artist because I use multiple digital techniques to create my images. This was made in my home studio and I shot the chili pepper in Raw as it gives me the most room to play with settings. I created the glowing tip in Photoshop by making multiple copies of the original with different levels, colours and Blend Modes. The smoke was then included later. Curves and Hue/Saturation tweaks wereusedforcolourcorrectionanda vignette and some grain were also added.” – Dick Boot

Center of the Universe

Dina Bova, Israel, using Photoshop CS4

“My art is a world of allegories, metaphors and multifaceted associations. This world is sometimes absurd and paradoxical, sometimes strange and surreal, but this world is a reflection of my true feelings. Center of the Universe is a story from a woman’s perspective about the doubts, fears, hopes and happiness of motherhood. This composition contains four main pictures of a woman in different locations. In Photoshop, I used layers, masking and a variety of Adjustment Layers, filters and standard brushes.” – Dina Bova

Sunshine – Alisdair Miller

“This is my younger daughter photographed against a bright sky here in Dubai. I also shot the flowers separately in the UK and merged the two images together using Photoshop. I then shot old textured cardboard and overlaid it using various Blend Modes. The final colour grading was done using Tiffen DFX filters.”

Petites Mains

Val Tilu, France, using Photoshop CS4

“I like to tell stories draped in nostalgia or dreams through my pictures. The world of my childhood, fairytales and legends have often been my source of inspiration. I like to highlight the beauty of the soul of a place, of inanimate objects or of people. What I like above all, is for my photos to open doors for people into their long lost memories and imagination. I imagined what could be the life of small people among everyday commonplace objects. This was a composite of four distinct photos which were joined using tracing techniques and Layer Masks.” – Val Tilu

These images have been featured in Practical Photoshop magazine.

Source: Practical Photoshop