Nikon D4 beats Canon DSLRs, D3x, D700 in lab test

Nikon D4 beats D3x, D700, Canon DSLRs in lab test

Nikon D4 beats D3x, D700, Canon DSLRs in lab test

Our testing team has the Nikon D4 in for testing and has found that the D4 beats the Nikon D3x, Canon EOS 1D Mark IV, Nikon D700 and Canon EOS 5D Mark II in our signal to noise ratio when shooting JPEGS.

Our lab includes a specially designed chart which is shot in carefully controlled conditions, with the resulting images analysed using DXO Analyser software.
Our team tests for both signal to noise ratio – which indicates how clean an image will be, and dynamic range.

Though the Nikon D4 came tops when shooting JPEGs, with raw images the Nikon D4 beats everything aside from the Canon EOS 5D Mark II between ISO 1600 and 6400. Right up at ISO 6400, it is also beaten by the Nikon D700.

Dynamic range results are particularly impressive, with our team’s charts showing that the JPEGs have at least 1 stop higher dynamic range than comparable cameras across the majority of the sensitivity run.

Our testing team also hopes to pit the D4 against the Nikon D800, the company’s other major release this year, and also the newly announced Canon EOS 5D Mark III and Canon EOS 1DX.

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