Replicate a fill-flash effect in Photoshop

    | Photoshop Tutorials | 18/03/2010 12:25pm

    Find out how Photoshop’s Lighting Effects filter can be used to add a fill-in flash effect to under-exposed portraits

    When shooting a subject with the sun behind them, or stood against a bright, illuminated background, a little fill-in flash is essential to balance the exposure of your image. Without the powerful light produced by the flash you will risk plunging your subject into unflattering, gloomy shadow. This will not only result in under-exposure of the image’s main subject, but will also affect the reproduction of the colour, tone and detail in the whole portrait. By using the Lighting Effects feature you can pinpoint the centre of the added light to maximise the effect on the image, giving it the edge over a simple Levels adjustment. Watch the video to find out more…

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    Posted on Thursday, March 18th, 2010 at 12:25 pm under Photoshop Tutorials.

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