Create a photo collage in Photoshop

How to create a photo collage in photoshop

Want to brighten up your house with photographs that match your interior decor? This tutorial will show you how to create an eye-catching photo collage

Photoshop gives you a number of ways to transform tired photographs into something new. In this tutorial, we show you how to take a shot and create differently coloured versions of it to combine into a new photo collage. You’ll be using the crop tool, Adjustment Layers and a colour palette to create your enhanced pictures.

1. Pick your colours

Pick two colours that complement and contrast with the colour swatch you’ve created. Make a square colour swatch for each of these two colours. Now, create three new documents to be filled with each colour


2. Crop and adjust saturation

Use the Crop Tool to make the rose image square. Choose an appropriate size depending on whether you want an A4 or A3 canvas and remember that you’ll need space for nine images of the rose. Now create a Hue/Saturation Layer and reduce the Saturation to -100.


3. Colour Fill and Blending mode

Now, create a Colour Fill Layer and use the Colour Picker to select the first swatch. Change the Blending Mode of the Colour Fill Layer to soft light. This will create a softer wash over the existing image and leave you with a more sculpted effect on the rose’s edge.


4. Adjust Levels

Create a Levels Adjustment Layer. Use the three sliders at the bottom of the histogram to adjust Levels and add contrast to the image. Keep the channel on RGB to add contrast to the overall image. Adjust contrast gradually so you don’t distort the image.


5. Flatten and repeat

Flatten your image. Now, repeat the process for the other two colours. Remember that you’ll need to make different adjustments to your Levels for each different colour. Flatten each of the other two images when the process is complete.


6. Create the final canvas

Go to File>New and create either an A4 or A3 canvas. Choose a transparent background and keep the resolution at 300dpi. Copy and paste each rose image three times, into three rows. Use the grids (View>Show>Grid) to line up each of the images. Then flatten the image.