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Adobe launches Creative Cloud Pro Edition, with 200 MILLION royalty free assets

Adobe Creative Cloud Pro Edition
(Image credit: Adobe)

Adobe Stock is essentially an image stock library embedded in Adobe apps and services, and you choose a subscription plan that offers a certain number of royalty free image downloads, starting at $29.99/£19.99 per month for 10 assets with bigger allowances and credit packs available. It’s convenient, but not exactly cheap.

But Adobe’s new Creative Cloud Pro Edition comes with unlimited Adobe Stock access and the company’s library of 200 million ‘standard assets’ including images, vectors and illustrations.

That’s a huge potential cost saving, but it’s currently only available to teams and enterprises of five or more users. It’s an extension of Adobe’s Creative Cloud for Teams plan, which is administered centrally with enhanced user management. The Pro plan is not for individual photographers or designers.

The new Adobe Creative Cloud Pro Edition includes 200 million royalty free assets... but is for teams not individuals. (Image credit: Adobe)

The biggest advantage of the Creative Cloud Pro Edition will be for companies specialising in graphic design, product design, marketing materials etc that require ready-made imagery for mockups and finished layouts.

Adobe Stock images are also useful for photographers who composite artworks and illustrations, but individual photographers will only have access to the regular Adobe Stock plans.

A survey by Adobe revealed that availability of stock images with reliable licenses is a major pain point for creatives. (Image credit: Adobe)

Adobe Creative Cloud Pro Edition pricing

Adobe’s Creative Cloud for business Pro Edition is available now for teams and enterprises with five or more users.

If your organization already has a Creative Cloud for Teams plan, you can upgrade to. The Pro Edition at the same price as your existing subscription for up to one year.

Otherwise, the Pro Edition for Creative Cloud for Teams will be $79.99/£59 per month per user for the first year, then $89.99/£66.42 per month per each user from year two and beyond. 

The Single App version is $33.99/£25.25 per month per user for the first year and $39.99/£29.75 per month per user from year two and beyond.

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