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This photo captures the serenity of the Mendip Hills but also the relationship we have with the night sky and light pollution (Image credit: Josh Dury)

Light pollution is changing the way we see the night sky, how we photograph it and our connection to the stars. When taking astro photos nowadays, it is hard to escape the reality of light pollution from nearby towns and cities, even out at sea or in rural areas. Sometimes, it is necessary to travel to dark-sky places that provide an ‘open window’ to the universe, but it is a battle photographers are often up against.

Luckily, the modern astro photographer can also call upon a series of techniques that lift the curtain of light pollution that prevents us from getting a clear view of our home galaxy, the Milky Way. Capturing images of this spiral system of billions of stars evokes an emotional response, telling the story of our relationship with the environment around us. Let’s look at the process of how we counterbalance the constant battle between light and dark...


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