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How to get the perfect set-up with your Canon camera

Canon menu
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As digital cameras have become increasingly advanced, the menu structures have invariably become more complicated, too. That said, the menu structure and appearance on Canon's EOS cameras has generally remained consistent throughout the years and latest models, meaning it shouldn't take long for Canon users to navigate the menu when  moving between cameras. 

That said, the sheer number of features crammed into modern EOS cameras means that there are now many more pages to get through compared with older cameras. On most of the best Canon camera (opens in new tab)s, you'll find a Red Shooting menu, a Blue playback menu and the the Yellow Set-up menu.

The yellow Set-up menu is where you’ll find a range of ‘housekeeping’ settings and more technical tweaks for the camera itself. You’ll find the screen brightness adjustment, sensor cleaning and firmware update functions here, for instance.

While more recent Canon EOS bodies have their Wi-Fi connection options in a separate purple tab, older bodies have that function buried in the Set-up menu. 

Rather than have an orange set of tabs for Custom Functions, beginner-friendly bodies with a more limited range of customization options tend to have a Custom Functions sub-menu within the Set-up section too.

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Marcus Hawkins
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