8 composition mistakes photographers make (and how to avoid them)

photographer with tripod in Northumbria
(Image credit: Future)

Photography presents all sorts of technical challenges which, with time - and trial and error - anyone can come to master. But one of the hardest things to master as a photographer is the art of seeing. What do we mean by ‘seeing’? We mean spotting the elements that make up a good image, from focal points to camera angle to depth of field and more. We’re talking about photo composition.

One of the most common mistakes photographers make when composing images is not having a good sense of balance in their composition. This can manifest in a variety of ways, from not having an even distribution of elements in the frame to not creating enough negative space. When photographers fail to create a sense of balance in their images, the end result can be an image that feels cluttered or off-kilter. 

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