Wild and free: photographer Harry Skeggs to showcase images from six continents

Harry Skeggs photography
Silver Lining (Image credit: Harry Skeggs )

London-based wildlife photographer Harry Skeggs will be exhibiting his work at the Clarendon Gallery in London from September 7 2022. Beyond will showcase a series of images that he took on a trip he made to the Antarctic Peninsula, South Georgia and the Falkland Islands in Spring 2022, capturing the dramatic landscapes and wildlife that exist there.

As a self-confessed adventurer with a particular love of black and white photography, Harry's work is strikingly beautiful, cleverly composed and completely honest. Over the course of his career, Harry has traveled to more than 80 countries across six continents and his work has been published by some of the biggest names in the travel and wildlife industry.

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Double edged sword (Image credit: Harry Skeggs )

Harry is dedicated to capturing animals in their truest form, often spending hours trying to capture the perfect shot by identifying the ideal composition, the shape of the land, the way the light falls and the way the animals hold themselves. His work reveals the effect of human impact and the realities of climate change which he has noticed during his time as a photographer.

"Half the photographs in the show I shouldn’t have been able to take," he shares. "These places shouldn’t look the way they do give the time of year they were taken; the animals shouldn’t be behaving the way they are."

Between the cracks (Image credit: Harry Skeggs )

As Beyond doesn't open until September 7, Harry hopes to add some additional pieces to the exhibition from shoots he has planned in the run-up to it. As well as photos from his most recent trip, he will also be presenting some of his works from 2018 which include photos of gorillas, lion cubs, giraffes and wild horses. 

The exhibition will also be accompanied by a half-hour-long film that documents his visit to the Antarctic Peninsula, South Georgia and the Falkland Islands, that explores the photographer's approach to the practice and the breathtaking landscapes he works in. Sponsored by Nikon, Oportfolio, Gitzo and Nordic Life, the film will be presented at the Mayfair Hotel before being made available to stream. 

Follow Harry's Instagram page  or Harry's website to keep up with his work or head over to the Clarendon Fine art website to browse the photos up for sale.

Colonists (Image credit: Harry Skeggs )

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