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The best Black Friday dashcam deals in 2019!

The best Black Friday dashcam deals in 2019!
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Dashboard cameras aren't just great gift ideas – they're also potentially life-saving ones. So these Black Friday dashcam deals won't just save you a bit of cash, they could potentially save the day should the worst happen. 

While dashcams are still primarily about providing CCTV coverage for your vehicle, modern models do far more than just film what's in front of them. Some possess driving assists, give directions, accept voice commands, detect an impact or suspicious movement when stationary, record in the dark, and some can even alert emergency services in the event of a crash. So these Black Friday dashcam deals are ideal for any car driver! 

Different dashboard cameras offer plenty of different specs and specialties, so if you're looking for the best in any particular category then check out our best dash cams guide for more in-depth advice. 

Since they're already competitively priced year-round, we're expecting some particularly attractive deals when Black Friday kicks off on 29 November. Keep an eye on this page, and our main Black Friday camera deals page, for constant updates on the latest offers as they pour in. Until then, below are some of the best prices on dashcams before the big day takes place. 

And of course, many people even use GoPros and action cameras as dashcams, given how easy they are to mount on your dash or windshield. So you might want to check out our GoPro Black Friday deals page as well! 

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