Stability wherever you roam: Manfrotto’s ‘BeFree Advanced’ tripod empowers photographers with creative freedom

There’s nothing worse than spending more time on location setting up your tripod than setting up your shot. Enter Manfrotto’s latest solution in the BeFree Advanced: quick, easy and intuitive to set up when on the move, this high-quality, supremely sturdy tripod is perfect for travel photographers – and more besides…

Advanced by name… advanced by nature

With an increasing number of photographers switching from DSLR to mirrorless cameras – or at least seeking out a more portable second camera – it makes sense for tripod manufacturers to offer a one-size- fits-all solution for both sets of camera owners.

Manufactured in Italy, with the kind of craftsmanship and attention to detail you’d expect from Manfrotto, the BeFree Advanced is, a premium travel tripod for passionate photographers and photo hobbyists.

Constructed from aluminium to deliver high-quality at a light weight, there are two models to choose from. One option features an M-lock (twist lock) leg system, while the alternative offers a QPL Travel (lever lock) system. So whether you prefer twist leg locks or lever leg locks for swiftness of set up and usability, Manfrotto’s BeFree Advanced has you covered.

Get a-head… with Manfrotto

The BeFree Advanced collection also features a new Manfrotto 494 aluminium centre ball head. This enables precise movements on the fly, thanks to the clever inclusion of three independent controls: a lock, a panoramic knob ideal for setting up landscape shots, and an integrated friction knob for adjusting the ball tension. The latter ensures the equipment is perfectly-balanced.

The tripod caters equally to right- or left-handed photographers, enabling anyone to easily achieve the optimum tripod height. On top of this, a new spider helps achieve perfect stability, whilst the addition of an Easy Link feature means accessories can be attached. A 200PL PRO plate affords full compatibility with the most widely used head attachments, including nearly all Manfrotto RCS fit heads plus Arca Swiss compatible heads.

The two choices of BeFree Advanced – twist lock or lever lock – also come with a protective padded bag for peace of mind en route to your shoot. What’s more, the options are affordable as well as flexible. Prices start at just £174.95.

Innovative features of the BeFree Advanced tripods:

  • There are two models to choose from, offering a choice of lever lock (QPL Travel) or twist lock (M-lock) legs
  • Both tripods feature new leg angle selectors, positioned to enable right and left hand photographers to easily switch shooting perspectives
  • Three leg angles provide versatility and creative flexibility
  • The 494 Centre Ball Head features three independent controls for precise adjustments
  • The 494 head is also compatible with a unique plate in the 200PL PRO which fits nearly all Manfrotto RCS fit heads, plus Arca Swiss compatible heads
  • A new spider is designed to give maximum stability on many and varied types of terrain
  • An integrated hook allows extra weight, if desired, to be hung on the tripod to further maximise stability
  • 100% Italian made

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