See the winners of the All About Photo portrait competition

AAP Magazine #31 Portrait
1st Place winner - Perspective (Image credit: Nanda Hagenaars (Netherlands) / AAP Magazine)

All About Photo (AAP) Magazine aims to showcase the very best of contemporary photography through each printed issue which is central to a specific theme. The magazine has now announced the 2023 winners of its prestigious portrait photography competition #31 on the theme: Portrait. 

Photographer Nanda Hagenaars from the Netherlands is the winner of this edition with the series ‘Perspective’, whereby she shifts her own perspective to experiment with new ways of looking and photographing. 

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The winners of AAP Magazine 31 Portrait have been announced and the selected images are nothing short of spectacular. In this recent issue of AAP Magazine, 25 photographers from 11 different countries around the world as well as four separate continents share their own personal narratives and interpretations in regard to approaching the Portrait Photography theme.

Each image tells a unique story, whether the focus is on family, youth, culture, or photographing the unusual through innovative methods. Several photographic techniques have been used and applied by these photographers that are bound to stir your own creative ideas when shooting your next portrait.

2nd Place winner: “Daughter of Chinghis Khan" (Image credit: Anna Hayat and Slava Pirsky (Israel) / AAP Magazine)

The Second Place Winner of AAP Magazine #31 was Anna Hayat and Slava Pirsky from Israel who together created the portrait image titled 'Daughter of Chinghis Khan', taken from the larger photo series ‘Alex’. The photographers captured images of their daughter from the stages of birth to adulthood to explore the process of growing up and the development of personality.

Taking the Third Place title was Matt Findley from the USA with his series ‘Anomium’, specifically the image titled Anomium No. 3. This portrait features a young boy and the artist explains that The Anomium series has been informed by the concept of Higonnet's "knowing child" - the idea that childhood is a time of both innocence and wisdom, blessed with innocence but burdened by an unkind world. 

3rd Place winner: Anomium No. 3 (Image credit: Matt Findley (USA) / AAP Magazine)

The top 3 winners will each be awarded $1,000, and have their work showcased on the All About Photo Winners Gallery, and additionally published in the printed issue of AAP Magazine #31 Portrait which you can grab a copy of once it's available on the publication's website.

Sandrine Hermand-Grisel is the Founder and Editor of All About Photo and has been an expert juror in assessing the entries to this edition of the magazine. 

Frances with Child from the series Rotan Switch (Image credit: Lisa McCord (USA) / AAP Magazine)

Forgotten Worlds - The living tradition of Kutch, India (Image credit: Eliane Band (Brazil) / AAP Magazine)

Chamoi Head (Image credit: Charles Shotwell / AAP Magazine)

Mirror Tell Me (Image credit: Marc Gaillot (France) / AAP Magazine)

The Lunar Compass, Shades of White (Image credit: Nicola Ducati (Italy) / AAP Magazine)

The right to know (Image credit: Roberta Vagliani (Italy) / AAP Magazine)

Triad, from the series Natural Tendencies (Image credit: Emily Fisher (USA) / AAP Magazine)

Commuters In a Can (Image credit: Prescott Lassman (USA) / AAP Magazine)

Nomads Rose (Wodaabe girl) (Image credit: David Dhaen (Belgium) / AAP Magazine)

Victorian Man from the series As I See It (Image credit: Lori Pond (USA) / AAP Magazine)

Coney Island Beyond the Boardwalk (Image credit: Stephen Hoffman (USA) / AAP Magazine)

Marches in Belgium from the series 'Processions de Foi' (Image credit: Alain Schroeder (Belgium) / AAP Magazine)

Jon Keaton from the series Honest Portrait (Image credit: Stephanie Eley (USA) / AAP Magazine)

Biddy, Tipperary, Ireland 2020 (Image credit: Joseph-Philippe Bevillard (Ireland) / AAP Magazine)

Eva Holding, 2022 - from the series My Mother’s Daughter  (Image credit: Ian McFarlane (USA) / AAP Magazine)

(Isee you )- Underpass worker break moment, resting and eating snacks is a short time to relax. (Image credit: Rossi Fang (Taiwan) / AAP Magazine)

Walt Disco - with lead singer James Potter, is a Scottish post-punk band known for their unique style and powerful performances. (Image credit: Hugo Thomassen (Netherlands) / AAP Magazine)

Obedience from the series “I believe. Or do I?" (Image credit: Annemarie Jung (Luxembourg) / AAP Magazine)

The Hammock from the series, 'The Lost Years', the years that most adults can't remember before the age of seven-years-old. (Image credit: Laurie Freitag (USA) / AAP Magazine)

Mercury poisoning in Indonesia (Image credit: Erberto Zani (Switzerland) / AAP Magazine)

I am Hungry from the series “Hunger in Sudan” (Image credit: Frank Baudino (USA) / AAP Magazine)

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