PXLens is a wearable 4K camera that gives first-person view of surgeons at work

Proximie PXLens
(Image credit: Proximie)

Proximie has developed a wearable camera that can be used by surgeons to give first-person perspectives during operations. The PXLens was designed by surgeon and co-founder of Proximie, Nadine Hachach-Haram, as a way of overcoming barriers of physical distance so people all over the world can access surgical expertise and provide people all around the world access to surgical expertise. 

PXLens is a lightweight wearable camera worn on the surgeon's head or surgical mask, which allows medical professionals to view exactly what the surgeon can see in real-time.  Working like the loupes regularly used by surgeons and dentists, it records in 4K and is perfect for remote consultations and surgical training, allowing medical professionals to observe and provide guidance during complex procedures.

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Proximie has also developed a separate software that allows remote viewers to interact with the surgical field using virtual tools and annotations. This provides an immersive and collaborative environment for surgical teams. The PXLens has the potential to revolutionize surgical training, remote consultations, and procedures, by providing a first-person perspective to remote viewers in real-time. With this technology, surgeons can receive guidance and support from experts in real-time, regardless of location.

Hachach-Haram stated that "The PXLens is a game-changer for surgical training, remote consultations, and procedures, democratizing access to surgical training and expertise, ultimately improving patient outcomes."

The PXLens has been used in a number of surgical procedures, including complex operations on the heart and brain. The technology has also been used to train surgeons in remote and underserved areas, providing access to surgical expertise previously unavailable.

Proximie continues to develop and refine PXLens, with the goal of making it accessible to medical professionals worldwide. Already, Proximie has conducted thousands of surgical procedures and has been deployed in 500 hospitals in 100 countries. In the UK alone, Proximie has contracts with 35 major medical device companies and access to more than 90% of operating rooms in the UK, US and EU. With this technology, the company hopes to improve access to surgical expertise and ultimately improve patient outcomes, regardless of geographical barriers.

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