Photographers… Stop doing this to your skin!

Header image for Sean McCormack opinion piece
(Image credit: Sean McCormack)

You know what shows off that you don’t know what you're doing more than anything with portraits? No, it’s not cheesy smiles, but they’re pretty bad still. It’s the way you blur your skin. It’s awful. It’s ugly. And you’re making it look much worse. 

Yes, yes, I get that you’re trying to help. It was a bad skin day, or the shadows weren’t flattering. They’re great things to fix. We all want to look our best in photographs, but simply blurring this skin isn’t the way to do it. I know it’s exciting discovering that you can use blur to remove issues and it does seem to work. Until you know better. 

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Sean McCormack

Sean McCormack is a commercial, and editorial photographer, book author, and regular contributor to Digital Camera magazine based in Galway, Ireland. He has extensive experience with Lightroom, dating back to its original beta version, and has tried out just about every plugin and preset available. His latest book is Essential Development 3: 25 Tips for Lightroom Classic’s Develop Module