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Olympus' 100th anniversary: know any 100-year-olds who want their picture taken?

Olympus' 100th anniversary: know any 100-year-olds? (Image: Adam Dembinski)
(Image credit: Adam Dembinski)

In October 2019, Olympus will celebrate its 100th birthday. And to commemorate its centenary, the company is looking for fellow centenarians to be part of its 100 Year Portrait Project.

Almost a century ago, the company we recognise as Olympus was founded by Takeshi Yamashita as a manufacturer of microscopes and thermometers. 

Expanding its expertise in medical grade optics to the world of imaging, Olympus is renowned today by the photographic industry for its pioneering work in mirrorless cameras.

To celebrate its own remarkable hundred-year journey, Olympus is commissioning its Ambassadors to take portraits of other hundred-year-olds born in 1918 and 1919 to be included in a book and photographic exhibition at its London art gallery. 

If you know anyone interested in the project, full details and an application can be found at the 100 Years of Olympus microsite. 

Olympus' centenary celebrations are expected to include the launch of a new camera, the Olympus OM-D E-M1X, which we expect to hear more about in early 2019.