Nokia G22: at last, a budget smartphone you can repair yourself

Nokia G22 repairable phone
(Image credit: Nokia)

In a world of expensive flagship smartphones, it can be soul-crushing to discover that your valuable device needs a new pricey screen repair or parts replacement. Not everyone can afford to fix their smartphones right away, or to buy a whole new device outright, leading to an increase in secondhand tech sales. 

Nokia is aiming to make life just that bit easier for the clumsiest of us, and has partnered with parts retailer and how-to site, iFixit, in the launch of the new Nokia G22 to ensure that parts for this new phone are accessible and affordable. 

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Released just last week at MWC 2023, the Nokia G22 is the first Nokia smartphone to offer this kind of device longevity promise, with both consumers and cost in mind. The repairable design of the Nokia G22 definitely sets it apart from other brands of flagship smartphones that have fragile elements to their designs. 

iFixit will be offering step-by-step repair guides and affordable replacement parts for the Nokia G22, should the worst happen and your smartphone ends up in a club toilet or if your handsy toddler gets a hold of it. Gone are the days of the simplistic Nokia brick phones that would damage the concrete if dropped. 

The QuickFix repairability and longevity-first design of the Nokia G22 provide consumers with the ability to replace a broken display, charging port, or phone battery themselves and at home, at an affordable cost. Nokia has also introduced its extended warranty period of three-year cover plus security updates and patches.

Nokia G22 in Lagoon Blue (Image credit: Nokia)

The new Nokia G22 smartphone is also on the more budget-friendly and super-affordable price scale, retailing at just $179 / £169 / AU$349 SIM-only. The cost of living crisis has affected a large volume of people, especially in the UK, so affordable smartphones that still retain high performance is like gold dust right now.

Some key specifications of this budget smartphone include a 50-megapixel main camera, Android 12 OS, expandable storage, a headphone jack, and 1080p video recording capabilities. What else could you need in such a cheap device? Some might moan about the fact it doesn't support 5G, but we all survived just fine with 4G. 

Sustainability is another factor that Nokia has considered with the design of the G22, made with a 100% recycled plastic back and frame and with eco-friendly packaging, in a playful two-tone color scheme of Lagoon Blue or Meteor Gray. 

(Image credit: Nokia)

Kyle Wiens, CEO at iFixit, has commented that the: "Nokia G22 is a step in the right direction, and we need more companies to follow their lead and prioritize sustainability in their product design. Battery issues, screen damage, and charging port problems are some of the most common issues that smartphone users face, so having the ability to easily replace these parts can save consumers time and money in the long run.”

Head of Product Marketing at HMD Global (the parent company behind Nokia mobiles), Adam Ferguson, has also shared that "People value sustainable, quality devices and they shouldn’t have to compromise on price to get it. We are continuing our journey towards more sustainable and longer-lasting devices. The new Nokia G22 is purposefully built with a repairable design and is packed with features that improve performance and longevity without extra cost.”

Repairing your own smartphone can't be as daunting as cleaning your own camera sensor for the first time, surely? 

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