Motorola smartphone with innovative wrap-around display in new renders

3D product render of Motorola smartphone with wrap-around screen
(Image credit: Parvez Khan @TechnizoConcept / LetsGoDigital)

Motorola appears to be interested in the concept of creating advanced and innovative smartphone technology, after applying for a patent that sees a wrap-around screen display designed for a smartphone device. The patent has been brought to life in new renders that show the screen seamlessly stretching around both sides and edges of the handset.

This concept isn't solely unique to Motorola having been achieved before, though Motorola can now be added to the list of ever-growing smartphone manufacturers thought to be working on a model inclusive of a flexible wrap-around screen technology.

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Courtesy of LetsGoDigital, the two patents concerning the newly proposed Motorola device were originally filed first in June 2020, with additional related documents concerning 'Methods and systems for altering virtual button arrangements presented on one or more displays of an electronic device' submitted in August 2021, leading to the final approval and publishing of these patents released on 23 December, 2021. 

Full details of the patent describe the manufacture of a smartphone with housing that is entirely wrapped in a flexible screen. The singular large display of screen surface will cover the front, entirety of the back, and both sides of the device with the exclusion of traditional physical side buttons - such as the volume and various silencing controls - that are to be replaced by virtual in-display buttons.

3D product render of Motorola smartphone with wrap-around screen and stylus pen (Image credit: Parvez Khan @TechnizoConcept / LetsGoDigital)

The bottom of the smartphone is expected to have access to the SIM compartment and USB-C charging port accompanied by a microphone and speaker, with the top of the device hosting an additional mic and speaker with the power button. It remains unclear where Motorola are proposing to place the device's camera system.

With more screen surface, comes more chance to press buttons you didn't intend to or pocket dial a friend. Other features we can expect from this new Motorola device can prevent this from happening with the inclusion of in-pocket detection features, virtual buttons, heat detection sensors and consistent stylus pen support. 

The patent describes that various sensors, such as a motion, temperature and a gravity sensor will be used to measure when the smartphone is in a pocket and how the device will function once removed from your pocket or purse, adjusting the interface of the device accordingly.

Patent filed by Motorola for wrap-around display reveals that the phone will be able to turn itself off when put in your pocket (Image credit: LetsGoDigital)

The Motorola Razr 5G flip phone is the company's most recent attempt at changing things up a bit, with the Motorola Razr 3 rumored to be expected later this year, but this new patent could suggest they're following the footsteps of previously released models like the Xiaomi Mi Mix Alpha that has a fully 'Surround Display' design with a similar wrap-around screen surface.

The possibilities that could come from using a device with a wrap-around screen surface still appear to be rather limited. The patent diagram for this newly under development Motorola device explains how an incoming call can be answered without removing the device from your pocket, all that is needed is one tap to reallocate the virtual buttons to be placed on the end of the device. 

While many manufacturers are researching the idea of wrap-around display smartphones, this technology remains extremely expensive and difficult to bring to market at reasonable cost. Though we'll undoubtedly see more of flexible, flip and fold screens, like the Galaxy Z Flip 3, for smartphones developed over the coming years.

The 3D product renders were created by graphic designer Parvez Khan, who can be found on YouTube at Technizo Concept .

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