Manfrotto ‘Nitro’-Powers Photographers’ Creativity

With the internet demanding a constant stream of moving images, pro photographers are branching out into shooting video on their DSLRs, and videographers are thriving.

Fulfilling the needs of those working in both the studio and out on location is the Nitrotech Fluid Video Head from Manfrotto, a game changer thanks to its unique-to-the-market Nitrogen gas-filled piston mechanism. And it’s now available in a new version with a maximum payload of 12Kg, joining the existing and already award-winning 8Kg version.

Compact, versatile & lightweight

The two flawlessly-constructed, high-quality professional video heads to look for from Manfrotto are the N8 and N12, both of which deliver superlative videography. Their nitrogen piston technology allows for various combinations of cameras and accessories to be used (the camera simply clicks in from above), and for precise results to be achieved. Both heads include quick-release plates with metric ruler for precise positioning every time the head is mounted. The N12 includes a longer 18cm plate for balance of bigger camera rigs, which makes it perfect for video cameras in larger rig setups: for example, those from Red Cameras, or the Sony FS7.

They’re incredibly lightweight, thanks to their aluminium construction, and are intuitive to operate; other well-implemented features include a handy, illuminated leveling bubble (powered by a CR1220 lithium battery) for easy set-up, a counterbalance adjustment knob, plus a variable fluid drag system for smooth pan and tilt movements. A pan bar is also included to enable complete 360° rotation, along with a replaceable intermediate rosette to save wear on the head’s main casting. 

A flat base mount to fit a range of supports, including sliders and jibs, makes the Nitrotech head range extremely versatile for setting up different support combinations. 

The Nitro 8 and 12 are also both excellent for capturing sports and wildlife action via large telephoto lenses. They offer a more controllable experience than a gimbal head, and allow these setups to be used for stills and video.

Manfrotto N8 and N12 Video heads

Innovative and aesthetically-pleasing award-winner

Further advantages of Manfrotto’s Nitrotech high-tech heads include the creative fluidity of variable pan and tilt action for smooth, judder-free, but moreover accurate shooting.

The heads also features a side-lock sliding plate attachment for quick and easy camera attachment; a precise, continuous counterbalance that effortlessly holds and operates a wide array of camera models in a variety of sizes. Plus, for professionals, even an Easy Link connector with an anti-rotation function that enables an external monitor and a varied selection of accessories to be fitted.

Distinctive in appearance, the Nitrotech Fluid Video Head also very much looks the part - whether you choose the 8Kg or 12Kg supporting version. No wonder it won a Red Dot Award in 2017 for its impactful design. UK pricing starts from £449.95.

Innovative features of the Nitrotech N8 & N12

  • Continuous counterbalance (from 0Kg to 8Kg for the N8 and from 4Kg up to 12kg for the N12) guaranteed via innovative Nitrogen piston mechanism
  • Side lock plate for fast and precise set up
  • Sliding plate with metric ruler
  • Easy Link connector for accessories with anti-rotation (for easier gear changes and more solid support of off-camera accessories)
  • Illuminated leveling bubble for easy set up
  • A 75mm flat base allows a wide variety of applications (for example fitting to sliders, jibs or even cranes)
  • Variable Fluid Drag system ensures smooth pan and tilt movements
  • Counterbalance can be adjusted manually via provided knob
  • The Manfrotto Nitrotech Fluid Video Head allows pro photographers to introduce the new creative strand of videography to their business

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