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Sony ZV-1F vlogging camera is just the job for content creators

Sony has announced a tiny new vlogging camera – ideal for beginners and more affordable than the Sony ZV-1

Sony ZV-1F
(Image: © Sony)

Sony launched the Sony-ZV-1F vlogging camera live on Thursday, October 13. You can watch the live launch back below, but here's what you missed...

The Sony ZV-1F is tiny, and only weighs 229g, which should make it very pocketable for on-the-go creation. It's a cheaper, beginner-friendly alternative to the popular Sony ZV-1 (opens in new tab) and Sony ZV-E10 (opens in new tab). Sony is aiming this vlogging camera at young content creators who want an affordable entry-level option that's still better quality than a smartphone.

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The camera has been designed to be simple and easy to use, and the body itself is made from recycled materials – often an important consideration for today's younger consumers.

In some ways, the Sony ZV-1F is similar to the original Sony ZV-1 (which isn't yet being discontinued). It's got a 20MP 1-inch sensor and can shoot 4K/30p video, as well as 5x in slow-motion or 60x for hyper-lapse content. 

The main difference between the ZV-1F and ZV-1 is the lens. The pricier ZV-1 has a 24-70mm lens, while the new ZV-1F offers a wide 20mm f/2 lens, which is better for fitting more people into the frame for group shots. We'll be reviewing the new camera soon, but will it make it into our expert best vlogging cameras (opens in new tab) guide?

The new Sony ZV-1F is available now at around $499/£549/AUS$899/€650, compared to the ZV-1 model at $748/£667/AU$1,099.

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So here is it, the Sony Vlog Camera ZV-1F

Sony ZV-1F

(Image credit: Sony)

Sony Vlog Camera ZV-1F

(Image credit: Sony)

Sony ZV-1F specifications

  • Sensor: 20MP Type 1 (13.2x8.8mm) BSI CMOS sensor
  • Autofocus: Contrast detection autofocus
  • Lens: Fixed ultra wide-angle 20 mm f2 prime lens
  • Video: 8-bit 4:2:0 video, 4K up to 30p, 1080 up to 120p

What we'd like to see from a new Sony vlogging camera

Is a fixed 20mm lens really the right choice for vlogging? It's wide enough to self-shoot and to cover a lot of bases, but it feels very limiting for creators – and of course, if that's 20mm without the crop factor taken into account, that means we're actually looking at a 30mm equivalent – which is too long for arms-length vlogging. 

What other changes could we potentially see? Well, a big one for us would be a meaningful touchscreen interface on the touchscreen. It's all well and good giving vloggers a flippy screen so they can film themselves, but its benefit on the current ZV cameras is minimized by the fact that you can't actually change any settings on it (instead having to fumble blindly around the buttons on the back of the camera).

We'd also love to see in-body image stabilization, rather than relying on electronic stabilization that imposes a further crop on the image. Whatever is or isn't included, we won't have to wait long to find out! Tune in tomorrow for our live coverage.

What the Sony rumors are saying

According to Sony Alpha Rumors (opens in new tab), the new camera that Sony is launching will be called the Sony ZV-1F. The leaked specs include a 20mm f/2 lens which we've already mentioned, plus USB-C charging, 4K 24p, 1080p 60p video, and "new icons on the touchscreen."

And what about pricing? Well, (opens in new tab) suggests it will be at a lower price than the Sony ZV1, an already affordable camera. According to rumors, it will only shoot jpgs (no RAW files), aiming it very much at beginner vloggers.

Sony vlogging

(Image credit: Sony)

The text has changed on the YouTube livestream to "Your First Vlog Camera", very much suggesting that we're going to see a vlogging camera for beginners!

Sony Europe just started a Premiere: A new camera is coming...

Interestingly (well, maybe not) this is the same hold music that we had for the GoPro launch. Could it be a similar type of trailer that we're going to see?

Sony vlog launch

(Image credit: Sony)

They think it's all over... it already is!

Here's what it looks like!

The Sony-ZV-1F: Sony's ideal first vlogging cameras


(Image credit: Sony)


(Image credit: Sony)


(Image credit: Sony)