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Kosmo Foto Mono 120 black-and-white film announced

Kosmo Foto Mono 120 black-and-white film announced

The popular Kosmo Foto Mono film, a 35mm black-and-white ISO100 emulsion, has been a hit with analogue photographers since it launched in November 2017. Now Kosmo is bringing its same winning formula to medium-format users with a 120 roll film version of the stock, which has entered full production. 

A versatile panchromatic film, Mono can be used in a variety of natural light shooting environments (from sunny days to overcast conditions) to indoor studio environments using flash.

The stock can be pull-processed to ISO50 or push-processed to ISO400, and can be developed with Perceptol, Tetenal and Rodinal. It cannot, however, be developed by labs using C41 processing.

It's been a good time for analogue 120 shooters lately, with Lomography launching a medium-format version of its black-and-white 100 Potsdam Kino film at the beginning of February.

Kosmo Foto Mono 120 film is available for pre-order from the Kosmo website at £4.50 per roll (minimum of three rolls, maximum of ten).

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