Eight Canon Legends share their photos as NFTs on Immutable Image

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Canon has become the latest major brand to jump on the NFT bandwagon. In partnership with Immutable Image, eight Canon Legends who are considered masters of photography in their respective mediums will release a collection of NFTs using iconic photographs they’ve captured. 

Immutable Image is another NFT marketplace but its mission is to support and uplift photographic communities by bringing together the world’s best photographers on a platform that looks to expand and diversify the collectors‘ class. It uses one of the world’s fastest-growing blockchains known as Solana to power the platform which offers very low-cost transaction fees.

What are NFTs and can photographers make money by selling them?

The photographers featured as Canon Legends include internationally renowned portrait and fashion photographer Barbara Bordnick, Duana Michals who is regarded as one of the greatest innovators of the last century, evocative portrait photographer Gregory Heisler and fine art photographer, Joyce Tenneson. 

They are joined by American photographer and film director Melvin Sokolsky, National Geographic photographer Sam Abell, Ryszard Horowitz who is considered a pioneer of special effects photography and last but certainly not least, Waler loose Jr. who is best known for his photos of some of the greatest athletes. 

NFTs have become increasingly popular since Beeple sold an NFT at Christie’s for more than $60 million putting him among the top three most valuable living artists. Nobody, not even Beeple himself expected to sell the digital piece of art for so much but people went mad for The First 5000 Days. Of course, not all NFTs have had the same success story and in fact, some NFT sales have caused a lot of controversy surrounding the ethics of it. 

We once thought NFTs would be a passing fad but it looks like it's definitely here to stay and as more major names and major brands jump on the trend, it’s cementing the future of NFTs. What photos will be included in the Canon Legends NFT collection is yet to be made public but we can be sure they are images that have impacted and changed the photography world.

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