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$60 off Peak Design Travel Tripod

Peak Design Travel Tripod deal
(Image credit: Peak Design)

It's not often that a tripod makes vloggers and influencers lose their mind, but this one is pretty special – and so is this deal, as the Peak Design Travel Tripod is reduced by as much as $60 for Black Friday!

The Peak Design Travel Tripod's chief aim is to cut down on wasted space when the tripod is packed away – and it achieves this with legs and a center column that dovetail precisely when the tripod is folded, and aren’t just a bunch of tubes pushed together. It's very compact when folded, with a closed length of just 38.5cm. This is achieved without the usual travel tripod trick of extending the center column and folding the legs up around it; instead, it has a low-profile head that protrudes very little and can be packed away where it is, with no fiddly folding required. The short is been achieved with 5-section legs, achieving a maximum height of 153cm with the center column extended or 131cm without. It has a maximum payload of 20lbs / 9kg, and there aren’t many camera-lens combinations that even approach that. It resists twisting very well, and while the lowest leg sections look pretty spindly, we didn’t see any flexing or bending. Even that skinny center column is tougher than it looks, and Peak Design is even offering a lifetime guarantee.

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