Action packed: Australian Camera Jan/Feb 2022 issue is on sale now!

Australian Camera Jan/Feb 2022 issue on sale
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Ever wondered what it takes to make an action-packed documentary? The unmissable Jan/Feb 2022 issue of Australian Camera tells you how, so grab your copy now!

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What's inside the January/February 2022 issue

Action packed: going to extremes to shoot an adventure documentary
Matt Gilsenan's adventure photography has been featured in Australian Camera before, but this time he's been on a nine-year adventure with long-time friend Blake Thornton to film extreme sports around the world. It's all captured in Chase That Feeling, a documentary for any adrenalin junkie, and we speak to the filmmakers in an exclusive interview.

50 years of Canon vs Nikon rivalry in pro cameras
As a new era of Canon and Nikon strutting their stuff with pro-level camera begins, we look back at where it all started and the many subsequent head-to-heads over the last five decades that have got us to the EOS R3 and the Z 9 facing up for yet another round.

Up to speed: the sensational Nikon Z 9 and Canon EOS R3 tested
The 50-year rivalry now culminates on this – the first ever full-frame mirrorless pro-level sports cameras from both camera makers and we've put them both through their paces. Which one gets past the finish line first? 

Building works: Architectural Photography Awards 2021 winners
Architecture might be one of the more challenging fields of photography, but some have clearly mastered the art. Take a look at the winning images from the 2021 edition of the Architectural Photography Awards for some inspiration.

Also in this issue
Find out how an entry-level Fujica 35mm SLR proved to be a great learning tool for the editor of Australian Camera when he was a teenager. Plus, more news and reviews of the latest gear... all in the unmissable Jan/Feb 2022 issue of Australian Camera.

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Australian Camera

Australian Camera is the bi-monthly magazine for creative photographers, whatever their format or medium. Published since the 1970s, it's informative and entertaining content is compiled by experts in the field of digital and film photography ensuring its readers are kept up to speed with all the latest on the rapidly changing film/digital products, news and technologies. Whether its digital or film or digital and film Australian Camera magazine's primary focus is to help its readers choose and use the tools they need to create memorable images, and to enhance the skills that will make them better photographers. The magazine is edited by Paul Burrows, who has worked on the magazine since 1982.