10 most Instagram-worthy beaches in the USA

Most Instagrammable Beaches
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As the sunny weather returns for spring in the southern hemisphere, we can once again look forward to spontaneous vacation getaways and dreamy summer shoots in the soft sand. Even the most introverted of us need a bit of sun now and then, and what better place than the beach!

New research has revealed the "most Instagrammable" beaches in the US, by analyzing the number of Instagram hashtags for each of the most visited and popular beaches, and then comparing this data with the length in meters of each location to determine which of these beaches has the most hashtags per meter. 

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There have been plenty of studies lately that rely on Instagram hashtag data, and the team over at FloridaRentals is responsible for this latest report on the most Instagram-worthy American beaches. 

Data in this format is, of course, forever changing. And not always the most reliable – so we advise that these findings be taken with a pinch of salt and for piqued curiosity purposes only. But, when considering your next beach location shoot, you might still want to pick (or avoid) one of the following Instagram-approved destinations: 

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The Most Instagrammable beaches in the US
RankBeachHashtagsLength (meters)Hashtags per meter
1La Jolla Cove, California366,06886 4,257
2South Beach, Florida8,027,9553,9422,037
3Laguna Beach, California3,161,6062,397 1,319
4Venice Beach, California 4,341,6714,828899
5Sandy Beach, Hawaii764,1961,020749
6Manhattan Beach, California 1,614,2933,379478
7Hermosa Beach, California1,268,1902,929433
8Sunset Beach, Hawaii2,387,5065,777413
9Delray Beach, Florida1,599,923 4,988 321
10Waikiki Beach, Hawaii947,7083,218295

The USA's most Instagrammable beach is La Jolla Cove in San Diego, California (Image credit: Earthly Beauties via Unsplash)

California has come out on top as the US state with the most Instagrammale beaches, with La Jolla Cove being ranked number one in the study. The area is a top destination for beachgoers and a hotspot for divers, snorkelers, and swimmers.

It's unclear from the data table above why the company has chosen to prioritize the findings in this way, though, as technically La Jolla Cove has the lowest number of recorded hashtagged posts (with only 366,068) but has the highest number of hashtags per meter, being the smallest beach on the list and measuring just 86 meters (0.05 miles). 

In second place is Florida's South Beach, with a humongous hashtag count of 8,027,955! Situated in Miami, this is the fourth biggest beach on the table measuring 3,942 meters (2.45 miles) long, and is famous for its high-end shopping outlets, hidden historical gems, and glamorous nightlife. 

Last on the list is Waikiki Beach in Honolulu, Hawaii, with the lowest number of hashtags per meter at just 295, yet it still has some pretty great numbers with 947,708 hashtags over its 3,218-meter (2.00-mile) length.

If you're planning on heading to the beach anytime soon for a photoshoot then be sure to seas the day by planning in advance and checking the weather and tides, packing the right gear (and sunscreen!), and avoiding busy tourists at these popular Instagram influencers hot spot beaches to make sure your model doesn't end up feeling salty or with a resting beach face. 

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