Smartphones show that cameras are fast becoming AI-driven creative tools

Oppo Find X7 Ultra
(Image credit: Oppo)

In 2024, smartphones seem to be truly living up to the ‘smart’ aspect of their names.  Back in 2021, when the Google Pixel 6 Pro was released, we saw the beginnings
of explicit AI integration with features such as Google’s Magic Eraser. And,
at last year’s Mobile World Congress, Qualcomm Snapdragon treated me
to an exclusive preview of Stable Diffusion’s generative AI tools working on a mobile device for the first time.

If you’re familiar with generative AI tools such as Stable Diffusion, you’ll be aware of how mind-blowing it is that the computing power required to run complex generative AI tasks was possible on a smartphone a year ago.

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Jon Devo

Jon is a gadget reviewer, content creator and influencer. He spends his time reviewing products, covering technology news, giving talks on content strategy and creating content in partnership with a wide variety of forward-thinking brands. He also contributes to commercial radio, as well as in national print newspapers and magazines.