"Photographers need to know there is more to Venice than gondolas at sunrise"

Jeremy Walker Venice scene
(Image credit: Jeremy Walker)

It is without doubt that Venice is one of the most beautiful and photogenic cities in Europe, if not the world. It is beyond unique and should be on any photographer's must-visit list, even if you don’t particularly shoot cities or do travel photography.

I have visited this fabled city on many occasions, and I never tire of the place. There is always an unexplored street, hidden square or canal to stumble across – and, of course, there is the world-famous carnival, providing you don’t mind the crowds. Winter for me is the time to visit, as you don’t need foliage on the trees, and if it rains or is foggy… well that’s mood and atmosphere, isn’t it?

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Jeremy Walker

Jeremy Walker is an award-winning professional photographer with many years of experience specialising in high-quality landscape and location photography from around the world for use by advertising, design, and corporate clients. A belief in 'quality is everything', a meticulous approach and a far-reaching vision and style serve Jeremy and his clients well.