Introducing AI image generation into my photography workflow opens up a whole new world of possibilities

AI-enhanced photography by Jon Devo
By using a good selection of training images, AI can produce some spectacular results (Image credit: Jon Devo)

Recently, a client approached me with the idea of doing a photoshoot, but editing the final images in the style of a graphic novel or computer game. Growing up, I loved drawing comic-book images, and spent many years on DeviantArt. But those days are behind me, and I wasn’t sure I’d be able to deliver. That’s when I decided to turn to AI image generation.

AI image generation uses machine-learning algorithms to generate new images based on text prompts and existing images. It has been around for a couple of years, but now it’s sophisticated enough to be a genuinely useful tool for photographers. With AI image generation, you can apply a style that’s completely different from the original image. Looking over the images we’d captured together, I realized I could build an AI model of my client, using the photos as a training data set, then find prompts to hone in on a style that fitted our vision.

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Jon Devo

Jon is a gadget reviewer, content creator and influencer. He spends his time reviewing products, covering technology news, giving talks on content strategy and creating content in partnership with a wide variety of forward-thinking brands. He also contributes to commercial radio, as well as in national print newspapers and magazines.