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Digital Camera's top 5 travel photography tips

(Image credit: Leyla Emektar)

Image: Leyla Emektar

From trekking to Timbuktu and hiking the Himalayas to catching a bus to the supermarket most of us experience travel in one form or another every day.

Here are five pictures from the Travel category of Digital Camera magazine's 2019 Young Photographer of the Year and Photographer of the Year competitions so far, with some vital tips. 

You have until midnight 12th January 2019 to get your entries in for this category. Make sure you enter your shots now to be in with a chance of winning some amazing prizes!

1. Don't go far  

(Image credit: Leyla Emektar)

Whenever we think about travel photography we instantly place ourselves on the other side of the globe in an exciting location, however you don't need to go far to get a great travel image. In this next round of POTY and Young POTY we’re not necessarily looking for exotic locations in fancy far flung locations but rather an image that captures a sense of a ’journey’, that embraces the spirt of adventure and the art of travel, no matter how grand or not. It can be as simple as taking a trip to a neighbouring town or city and recording what you find. 

2. Find a new viewpoint   

(Image credit: Andrew)

There's a reason we all travel to the same places - they're exciting, visually interesting and generally a great experience. However there's no point in taking the same image as everyone else as it's already been taken. Challenge yourself to find a new take on a popular location or head off the beaten track if you're the adventurers type. The reward will be sweeter!  

 3. Record the journey

(Image credit: skrotov)

From a photographic perspective the journey can often be more interesting than the location itself. Whether you travel by train, car, plane, bike, foot, or any other means of transport, record your journey and see the result.   

 4. Pack smart 

(Image credit: Peter)

Although it can tempting to pack every single bit of kit you own you'll regret taking that 500mm lens (unless you're photographing nature!) on a trip. Stick to one or two lenses, something like a 24-70mm or a 50mm are great options and give you lots of versatility.   

 5. Don't take photos!  

(Image credit: Kobran)

We've all been guilty of it... you spend so much time looking through the viewfinder trying to find the perfect composition that you forgot to stop and absorb the location. We recommend when going somewhere new to spend at least half the time not taking photographs. You'll produce better images when you do as you'll have a better sense of the place and people.  

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About the prizes

Digital Camera Photographer of the Year is back for 2019, with an amazing prize fund worth £30,000 up for grabs! This year the awards are free to enter, thanks to the generous support of our sponsors, and Affinity Photo.

The expert judge's chosen winner of the Urban Landscape contest will receive a Rohan jacket worth £249. The winner of the crowd vote will receive a year-long subscription to Digital Camera magazine.

The winners will be featured in Digital Camera magazine and on Digital Camera World, as well as sister magazines including N-Photo and PhotoPlus: The Canon Magazine, and they will receive additional exposure through Digital Camera’s social media. There will be an exhibition at The Photography Show in March 2019, and winners will be invited to attend a special gala reception.

The overall winner of Digital Camera Photographer of the Year 2019 will win an MPB voucher worth £2,500 GBP, a £2,000 Rohan shopping experience, a Sony A7 III + 28-70mm lens, a Rotolight NEO 2 kit and a CEWE print.  

The expert judge's chosen winner of the Urban Landscape  - 25 & Under contest will win £100 cash and Affinity Photo + Affinity Photo Workbook. The winner of the crowd vote will receive Affinity Photo and a year-long subscription to Digital Camera magazine. The top ten of the crowd vote will each receive Affinity Photo.

The overall winner of Young Digital Camera Photographer of the Year 2019 will win £3,000 cash, Affinity Photo, an iPad Pro, Apple Pencil, a Sony RX10 IV, a Rotolight NEO 2 kit and a CEWE print. 

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