30 cameras that changed the world of photography

1939: Ming the panda taking a photograph of photographer Bert Hardy's son, Mike. Original Publication: Picture Post
1939 photograph taken by Picture Post's Bert Hardy of his son with Ming the panda (Image credit: Picture Post / Getty Images)

To mark World Photography Day, we have been looking through the history of image making to pick out some of the most ground-breaking cameras that have been brought out over the first 200 years of photography. 

Our list starts with the camera obscura - an ancient artist's tool which was used by Frenchman Joseph Niepce to take what is the oldest photograph known, and proceeds with the first commercially-successful camera developed by Louis Daguerre. We move through the rise of Kodak, Leica, Nikon and more - and right through to the early success in digital cameras…

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David Clark

David Clark is a photography journalist and author, and was features writer on Amateur Photographer for nine years. He has met and interviewed many of the world's most iconic photographers and is the author of Photography in 100 Words: Exploring the Art of Photography with Fifty of its Greatest Masters.

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