Nikon D610: price, official specs, release date confirmed

Nikon D610 review

Following weeks of speculation, Nikon has officially revealed a Nikon D610 price tag and spec sheet. A successor to the popular ‘entry-level full frame’ Nikon D600, the Nikon D610 release date is set for 18 October 2013.

Full-frame vs APS-C cameras: what you need to know

A Nikon full frame sensor

So what is full-frame, and what do you need to know in terms of full-frame vs APS-C cameras? In their latest guest blog, our friends at the photo management blog Photoventure run through some of the key points to remember in the great full-frame vs crop sensor debate!

New Canon low-light sensor can record images in pitch dark

New Canon low light sensor can record images in pitch dark

A new Canon full frame sensor is capable of recording faint stars and capturing images in extreme low light.

Full frame sensor size explained: exploit its advantages for pro-quality pictures

Full frame sensor size explained: exploiting its advantages for pro-quality pictures

The launch of the Nikon D600 and Canon EOS 6D ‘entry-level’ full frame DSLRs has brought the full frame sensor size to a whole new audience. But what can a full frame sensor offer your photography that your crop sensor can’t?

In this post we’ll explore some of the myths and pros and cons of full frame sensors and explain how it can affect the different types of pictures you may take. We’ll also look at ways to fine-tune your shooting technique you really use your full frame sensor to its full potential.

Nikon D600: is an affordable full-frame EOS camera next for Canon?

Nikon D600: is an affordable full-frame EOS camera next for Canon?

Following the announcement of the Nikon D600, can we expect Canon to follow suit with an affordable full-frame EOS DSLR? Our friends at PhotoPlus posed the question and laid out what they’d like to see on a potential ‘Canon EOS 6D’ affordable full-frame EOS camera.

Nikon D4 review

Nikon D4 beats D3x, D700, Canon DSLRs in lab test

The Nikon D4 is the camera that Nikon is hoping will be the camera of choice for professional sports photographers and photo journalists shooting the Olympic Games in London this summer. Consequently, it is designed as an all-purpose, go anywhere, shoot anything camera with improved low-light shooting capability and enhanced video technology.

While the Nikon D4 replaces the D3S in the Nikon DSLR lineup, the 24MP Nikon D3X continues as the company’s flagship camera – even if its pixel count is now dwarfed by that of the Nikon D800. Find out our testing team’s final verdict inside…

Infographic: full-frame vs crop factor lenses

Free infographic: crop factor explained

SLR manufacturers use different mounts, so you must check the lens you’re buying. But checking the mount doesn’t guarantee compatibility. You also need to ensure it offers the right degree of coverage.

All lenses create a circular image, and the sensor simply records a rectangular portion of this. Some lenses project a large image circle – big enough to cover a full-frame sensor. But when used with a camera with a small sensor, these create a tighter crop – called crop factor.

Canon 5D Mark III: what the pros think

Canon 5D Mark III: what the pros think of the new Canon DSLR

One could argue that the Canon 5D Mark III is one of the most highly anticipated cameras of all time. For years, camera rumour sites have bleated on about what they think the camera will have… and now we finally know.

Below, we spoke to four professional Canon photographers about what they like (or dislike) about the Canon 5D Mark III. Adam Duckworth, James Cheadle, Patrick Sowels and Jeff Morgan – Canon pros across a range of genres – all gave us their first impressions.

UPDATE: Fuji X-Pro 1 out-resolves full frame DSLRs, Leica M9

Fuji X-Pro 1 beats full frame DSLRs in resolution tests

The Fujifilm X Pro 1 compact system camera has beaten the Leica M9 and some of the top full frame DSLRs, including the Canon EOS 5D Mark II, in resolution tests conducted by our testing team.

When the Fuji X Pro 1 was announced back in January, a ripple of disbelief spread around the globe after Fuji claimed that its APS-C sized sensor was capable of producing better results than full-frame cameras.

Sony to focus on DSLTs, full-frame camera

Sony to concentrate on developing translucent mirror cameras

Sony will eschew traditional DSLRs and concentrate on developing its DSLT cameras, the company has revealed.

Speaking to our sister website TechRadar, Paul Genge from Sony UK said, “We have no SLRs in our line-up today, and our intention is to develop the SLT technology and make that a real stand-out in the market.”

He also reiterated that Sony’s president made a statement during the IFA consumer electronics show that the company is going to be looking at full frame as the next introduction for for its SLT line of cameras.