Olympus Live Bulb: take unprecedented control over long exposures (Sponsored)

Olympus Live Bulb: take unprecedented control over long exposures (Sponsored)

Many photographers are familiar with the Bulb mode setting. This classic manual control gives photographers the flexibility to keep the camera’s shutter open as long as they wish when shooting in extreme low light.

But shooting in Bulb mode has always required a bit of guesswork. Not any more.

Olympus has taken the guesswork out of long exposures with its innovative new Live Bulb feature – exclusive to Olympus and found on cameras like the OM-D E-M5 and E-M10.

Live Bulb mode allows you to see a series of previews of your long exposure while you are still holding the shutter open with your remote release. What’s more, you can set the frequency of these previews to appear from every .5sec up to every 60secs.

In Live Bulb mode the shutter stays open as long as your finger is on the shutter button, but in Live Time mode the first press opens it while a second closes it.

Find out in the video below how you, too, can take unprecedented control over your long exposures using Olympus’s Live Bulb and Live Time modes.



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