What is flash sync? Your flash modes and when to use them (free cheat sheet)

    | Photography Tips | 19/06/2013 12:16pm

    How your flash modes work: free photography cheat sheet

    We get it: flash photography is pretty technical and sometimes hard to understand. Often seeing it makes it easier – and in our latest photography cheat sheet we’ve done just that.

    In the infographic below we’ve illustrated when the flash fires in each of your flash modes, as well as explained what subjects and situations might warrant using this flash mode.

    To view the larger version of this cheat sheet, simply click on the infographic or drag and drop it to your desktop.

    How your flash modes work: free photography cheat sheet from Digital Camera World

    PAGE 1: What is flash sync?
    PAGE 2: Rear curtain sync, red-eye reduction and flash metering
    PAGE 3: How your flash modes work (free cheat sheet)
    PAGE 4: Built-in flash vs off-camera flash


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