Photography composition tips: 3 killer ways you can master perspective

Photography composition tips - Perspective of scale

Learn how to take control of perspective in your photo composition. In this tutorial we offer our best photography composition tips through your choice of lens to shooting position so you can start making perspective work for you.

Photography composition tips: 3 ways you can master perspective

For artists and draftsmen learning how to create a sense of perspective is one of the first disciplines to master. In a nutshell it’s the art of rendering the three-dimensional world that we see around us onto the two-dimensional surface of paper or canvas.

Of course, this is also what we do when we take photographs, but because the camera essentially does the work for us it tends to get overlooked.

However, being aware of some the basic principles will help you understand how the elements of your composition work. Knowing how lines draw the eye in and can be used to create a sense of distance can make you a better photographer.

While it’s tricky to manipulate perspective ‘in-camera’ in the way a draftsman might play with it using pen and paper, there are aspects that you can control through your choice of lens, angle-of-view and your distance from your subject.

You can choose whether buildings appear plumb-straight or ‘keystoned’ in your shots, and decide how much of the background to include in photographs of people and objects. You can even play with perspective to create entertaining optical illusions.

So let’s see how you can use perspective to take control of your picture taking…

PAGE 1: What perspective means to photography
PAGE 2: Photography composition tips – Linear perspective
PAGE 3: Photography composition tips – Background
PAGE 4: Photography composition tips – Perspective of scale


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