Water photography: make stunning pictures of water in any environment

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     Water photography: get creative with the fine details


    Water photography: get creative with fine details

    While large-scale features in the landscape have obvious photographic potential, they aren’t the only subjects worth shooting. Think smaller and you’ll find that there are plenty of watery details in ponds and streams, or even an unassuming patch of grass.

    On still, misty mornings, foliage, flowers and grass are often covered in dew. You’ll need to get very close to isolate individual droplets, so a macro lens is essential. However, you can also shoot a group of grass stalks with the longest focal length and closest focus setting on a standard zoom.

    Watery still-life photography

    Watery still-life photography
    Shooting individual rocks in a stream can also produce stunning images, especially if you combine this with other techniques such as slow shutter speeds or colourful reflections.

    You can also find colourful leaves, which are perfect for watery still-life images. Try shooting leaves floating on the surface, or when submerged below the water, for a more abstract effect.


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