4 tips (and a cheat sheet) for choosing the best ND filter

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    ND filters are sold in different strengths, and different scales are used to measure this. Some use an NDxx number, others refer to optical density, and some refer to the light reduction in EV or ‘stops’. Below we’ve served up four of our best tips for choosing the best ND filter for your DSLR.

    And on the second page of this article we’ve compiled a handy photography cheat sheet to understanding ND filter strengths and shutter speeds.

    How to choose the best ND filter for your camera: 4 tips for deciding which one is right for you

    Tip 1: Choose a strength
    ND filters come in a huge range of strengths. A one-stop (0.3 or ND2) filter cuts just 50% of light. A 10-stop (ND1000) filter blocks 99.9% of light. The stronger versions are best for seascapes.


    How to choose the best ND filter for your camera: Round or square?

    Tip 2: Round or square?
    Round filters are the best option for ND filters as they prevent any light leaks. However, if you use them in conjunction with ND grad filters, the square slot-in type are a good choice.


    How to choose the best ND filter for your camera: variable ND filters

    Tip 3: Variable ND filters
    Variable ND filters use two polarising filters in one mount. The front ring is rotated to vary the ND’s strength. They’re popular for shooting video as you can use wide apertures, however bright the light.


    How to choose the best ND filter for your camera: low cost options

    Tip 4: Low-cost options
    Cheap ND filters can cause colour casts. A useful tip is that two ND filters can be used together – two three-stop NDs on top of each other give a six-stop effect, and a standard circular polarising filter can block out almost two stops of light.

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