Master group indoor group portraits

Gather your friends or family and take some brilliant group shots they’ll treasure

When friends and family visit, grab the opportunity to capture some vibrant, happy photographs of your nearest and dearest. The method is pretty straight forward; use natural light whenever you can, avoid cluttered backgrounds and most importantly of all: make them laugh – a relaxed subject always takes a better pic, as with all portait photography.

1. Use natural light

There’s no better light to use in portrait photography than the natural kind, so use it to your advantage. Position yourself with your back to the light so that it falls onto the group. Be aware that strong light is best avoided, so try to shoot on a bright but overcast day or move your group so they’re not in direct light.

2. Avoid cluttered backgrounds

It’s safe to assume that there’ll be varying amounts of clutter around the house. Try to keep it out of your photos. Shoot against a neutral, clutter-free background so the focus is on your group.

3. Make ’em laugh!

Ideally, people should be all smiles. However, children may be a bit shy and teenagers may be a bit moody. To make your group laugh, ask someone to stand close to you and pull faces or clown around. This should result in some great shots!

4. Take multiple shots

To avoid the curse of shooting closed eyes, hold the shutter release button down and take two or three shots, one straight after the other, of each group. If you donít have a shot with everyone’s eyes open, you can always cut and paste images together later.

5. Show the results

One way to help your subjects relax is to show them a few of the shots using the screen on the back of your camera. This is the great advantage of shooting digitally – being able to see images straight away rather than having to wait for prints.