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What I bought on Black Friday: Instax Mini Link portable printer is just £79

Fujifilm Instax Mini Link
(Image credit: Instax)

This has to be one of the best gadgets that you can buy - and the perfect gift for almost anyone. The Fujifilm Instax Mini Link is one of the best portable printers around - but just to call it a portable printer kind of misses the point of this thing. This device, about the size of a small book is the perfect thing to have at any party or family gathering - and in my book is much better than the more popular instant cameras that everyone seems to get for Christmas. And with £30 off this Cyber Weekend - this £79 deal is the one that I have in my Amazon shopping basket as soon as I saw it on Black Friday.

Instant cameras are a great social beasts - allowing you to interact with others, and have a memory of a fun night out together. But, the big but, is that these cameras don't take as good a picture as those you take with your camera phone. And on top of that some of the pictures you take with an instant cameras don't work out - and each print costs money.

The Instax Mini Link solves all this - but printing out the pictures from your smartphone wirelessly over Bluetooth using the Android or Apple app installed on your handset. You get to choose which pictures you print - and if there is a real corker, you can print out multiple copies so everyone can have one. 

Furthermore, the Instax Mini Link does more than print out miniature instant hard copies of your favourite shots. It also allows you to combine images onto the one print to create mini mosaics - and you can customize your shots with borders. It is therefore much more than a printer - it is the perfect party game!

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And don't forget you will also need to buy some Instax Mini film....

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