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Stylish and secure: Manfrotto unveils a pair of Pro Light RedBee backpacks

There are a tremendous number of photo backpacks on the market, providing carrying solutions for any equipment combinations you'd care to imagine. For working professional photographers however, a continuous issue is that of space and weight, areas in which pro-level bags often fail to deliver effectively. Due to the larger size of professional lenses and camera bodies, the backpacks themselves are frequently designed with large external dimensions, while padding and construction materials can give these models a significant empty weight.  

The RedBee-310 and RedBee-110 aim to address this problem. Both new backpacks make use of a new compact design philosophy, to make it easier for advanced photographers and videographers to pack and transport their gear with ease. 

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The Pro Light RedBee-310 features a spacious interior and is capable of accepting a professional DSLR with a mounted 400mm lens, plus an additional DSLR (such as a backup body - useful for travel and event photographers) and up to three extra optics. The bag is also crafted to accept a modular video camera system, including both body and lenses. 

Key features include flexible section dividers, so that the default storage layout can be customised to the user's requirements, a safe rear-access opening for direct access to gear, and zippered meshes to separate accessories from main items. There is space available for a laptop up to 15 inches in size or a tablet. 

Meanwhile the Pro Light RedBee-110 has been built with the high-end compact system camera user in mind. This smaller bag can still accommodate two pro-grade CSCs with 70-200mm optics mounted, plus additional lenses or alternatively, a premium mirrorless body alongside a foldable drone and handheld gimbal system. It can also carry a 13in laptop computer. 

Both updated bags feature an external front pocket, tripod attachment and zipper locker. Usefully the photographer can also access their gear from the side, using an additional access to the main rear one. 

The Pro Light RedBee-310 is priced £159.95 / $198 while the Pro Light RedBee-110 can be found for £139.95 / $176. 

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