Remote photoshoots mean you can now work with anyone in the world!

Remote photoshoots mean you can now work with anyone in the world!

Remote photoshoots have become popular with everyone from amateur photographs to Annie Leibovitz. They came about as a response to the coronavirus pandemic and the hurdles it created for photographers professional and hobbyist alike, due to social distancing and lockdown making portraiture seem impossible.

However, the advent of remote photoshoots made it possible for photographers and models to work together in close proximity via a virtual shoot in a virtual studio – while retaining complete control over the camera and lighting. Indeed, they've proved so successful that they present a legitimate way to work with creatives anywhere in the world, and so look to stay even when lockdown and social distancing restrictions are lifted. 

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Model and photographer Natasha J Bella constructed a system that enabled any photographer to shoot with her remotely from the comfort of their own home, with incredible results. And she showcased her setup in a live demonstration at The Photography Show: Spring Shoots, which is currently available to view for free here

If you weren't able to catch all of the brilliant content at The Photography Show Spring Shoots event, fear not! Lots of the content from over the weekend is now available to view and rewatch, so be sure to check it out here.

Watch the live remote photoshoot demonstration for free here

The beauty of the system Natasha has established means that photographers only need an internet connection and a laptop or tablet; all the heavy lifting is done in the studio via the camera, tethering and software.

During the demonstration Natasha was joined by a photographer with whom she regularly shoots, Alan Williams, and within a couple minutes they were firing away a shots to illustrate how easily everything worked. 

Natasha also showed off some results from previous remote shoots – and if you didn't know any better, there would be no way to tell they were shot remotely…sometimes in another country! Alan had full control of all the camera's settings, and via a webcam could communicate easily to direct Natasha as he shot.

You can now watch the full presentation from Natasha and find out exactly how she began her journey into offering remote shoots, along with everything that goes into this ingenious new way of shooting.

Watch The Photography Show sessions on demand

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Alistair Campbell

Alistair is the Features Editor of Digital Camera magazine, and has worked as a professional photographer and video producer.