I love to shoot different types of photography – which is why I have 7 ideas for getting creative with shutter speed

Shutter speed photography
(Image credit: Will Cheung)

Taking decent photographs has never been easier – but to advance your own creativity you will need to think more about the aperture, ISO and shutter speed. There are many variables to consider; the subject, the lighting and the desired effect. For scenics, mounting the camera on a tripod will enable a small lens aperture to give lots of front-to-back sharpness while for moving subjects, a fast shutter will stop any movement. But there are no rules.

Here are seven situations where being deliberate with your shutter speed can pay off with better photos...

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Will Cheung FRPS
Photography expert

Will is a freelance photographer and imaging journalist based in Cambridgeshire, UK. Over the years, he’s edited Practical Photography, Digital Photo, Photography Monthly, Advanced Photographer and, most recently, Photography News. He is a fellow of the Royal Photographic Society and sits on its Travel distinctions panel.